Sexiest Men Fashion Items According to Women


Sure, people tell you to not judge a book by its cover but truthfully, first impression matters especially when it comes to the opposite sex. While women usually got all things fashion figured out, men on the other hand can be clueless at it. Then they complain why don’t girls check them out *yawn*.

Do not worry though as we have come up with a list of fashion pieces that instantly makes a man sexy, according to women. We have done our research, we gathered what works, and now we present to you seven items that would probably make women take another look at you when they pass by.

1.    Plain tee and jeans combo


This is the most basic look any man can pull off and have women checking you out. This is because it is budget-friendly, comfortable to wear, and easy to find. The key to this look is fit. You want both top and bottom to fit just nice to your body; not too tight that it becomes a second skin and not too loose that makes you look like a skater teen. A plain white or black tee works every time and for the jeans, go for navy.


2.    A well-tailored suit


Wearing a suit is not normally practiced here in Malaysia unless it is to attend a business meeting or a formal event, due to the hot weather. However, a well-tailored suit goes a long way when impressing the ladies. Why else would James Bond wear it 24/7? Get one that fits on you nicely, preferably in either navy, black, or grey. Trust us, when you wear this to a first date, just get ready to have a second one the next week.


3.    Rolled up sleeves


Showing a little forearm is a huge hit with the ladies. It kind of gives off an impression that that particular man just worked on something manly a while ago – like fixing the lightbulb or help move a furniture – and now he just wants to relax. It is a weird thought but it sure does work among women. Maybe it is the veins that give it away?


4.    A long sleeve Henley

If you are bored with your plain t-shirts, step it up a notch with a Henley. It is an upgrade from a normal t-shirt and definitely improves a man’s attractiveness by 100%. The trick is to unbutton the top button and, you guessed it, roll up your sleeve.


5.    A pair of dress boots


If sneakers are the only pair of shoes you wear everywhere, you need to switch it up by getting yourself dress boots instead. Boots that work well among the ladies include chukkas, Chelseas, and lace-ups. This shows that you do not just stick to your sneakers only and actually have a sense of style.


6.    The colour pink


Have you ever noticed that whenever you wear pink, women will immediately compliment you in that colour or at least give a “wow” to your outfit? Somehow pink gives off a little femininity to your whole persona that women would be impress and can relate to. Ignore your guy friends that make fun of you and continue to wear pink proudly.


7.    A seasoned leather jacket


Two words: bad boy. Women love a bad boy persona that men bring, and a leather jacket only enhances that vibe. Just make sure your leather jacket fits one size smaller than what you usually wear to make it tight and snuggly on your body. And please do not get the one with spikes and studs everywhere. Think G-Eazy rather than Sid Vicious.


What other fashionable items that would appear sexy on men? Ladies, want to help on this? Comment your suggestions in the box below.