So You're Going Vegan, Should Your Beauty Products Be Too?

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With today’s advancement in technology, you can easily attain information and new knowledge on almost everything including cosmetic products. This also involves understanding the different categories of beauty option such as ‘vegan’ and ‘cruelty-free’. With you being vegan or interested in being one, you might also be thinking about doing the same for your beauty products. The question is, should you?

Don’t worry, in this article we’ve got you covered!

But before we dig further, let’s briefly delineate the difference between vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. The former would mean that the ingredients used in making those products are free from any derive of animals and animals’ byproducts like goat’s milk and honey. On the other hand, the latter describes a type of products that did not undergo animal-testing in labs. It may be confusing to take at one go because but there’s still a slight difference between these two.

So let’s get into the business. Here are the four reasons to consider prior to deciding whether your beauty products should be vegan too.

1. Veganism is a lifestyle

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While being vegan is widely known for plant-based diet (being distinctive from vegetarian), it’s also important to know that veganism is not just about one’s food consumption, because it is actually a lifestyle. Loving the planet, animals and one’s personal health made the vegans opt to change their diet as well as buying clothes and beauty products without harming the animals. Meaning to say, if you choose plant-based diet due to your love for the animals, it carries the same meaning for your beauty regime too.

2. Dropping the ‘impulse-buying’ behaviour


Being vegan on your beauty products would build the behaviour of conscious purchase on many aspects. You don’t only become aware of the price but also the ingredients, the manufacturing and testing procedures of those products. Giving thorough thoughts about your life principles prior to making purchases would reduce your impulse buying behaviour. As a result, it would also make you buy only the items that you really need thus keeping your house as minimal as possible.

3.Beyond cruelty-free


Understanding that animal agriculture as well as the cosmetic industry are, to some extent, related to animal cruelty, this could be among the prominent reasons to switch your beauty products to vegan options. Apart from that, vegan products are beyond ‘cruelty-free’ because they are not tested on animals. Doesn’t this also serve the purpose of you eating plant-based food?

4. Plant-based beauty


The plants do not only serve millions of vitamins and all other nutrients to the body through consumption but also through its application on your skin. What’s even amazing is that consumers can get equal amount of goodness without having to rely on beeswax, gelatine and honey. Natural ingredients including aloe vera, turmeric, tea tree and coconut oil boost in purifying the skin.  

Whether or not you are able to embrace veganism at its entirety, that’s another story for an entirely different time. Yes, changing your diet was quite of a struggle, the least to say. And now that you might be prone to revolutionize your choice of beauty products, remember to listen to yourself too. Take your time to do more readings if you need to. In fact, you have all the time to try out the ‘vegan brands’ that might be alien to you before and see which products suit you best.

So, have you already switched to vegan beauty products? Why did you do that and how was the process? Share your stories in the comment box below so we can together widen our horizons about veganism and how to make things happen.