The Best Sunglasses to Suit Each Types of Faces


When it comes to fashion accessories, sunglasses plays an important roles. However, with so many brands and type, it can become overwhelm to choose sunglasses that perfect for our face. The type of faces play a big part in making sure whether the sunglasses looks good on you. Here are some tips to choose the best sunglasses to suit each type of faces.

1.      Square


Square face type are equally wide forehead, cheekbones and chin.  The cheekbones stay in line with other facial features. The sunglasses that are suitable for square face types are thinner and rounder frames as it helps soften your jawline and brow. Rimless or semi-rimless also can soften the angular point of your face.


Sunglasses style: round, oval


2.      Round


The most common type of face out there is the round shape. Rounded forehead, fuller cheeks and narrow chin. Lack of angular point and the facial lines are more soft and curvy. Round face type is suitable to don on rectangular and angular sunglasses designs that can add sharpness and balance out the soft features of your faces.


Sunglasses style: square, wayfarers, cat-eye

3.      Heart


Someone with a heart shape face are characterized by wide forehead, wide cheeks and narrow chin. They also have a high and well defined cheekbones. Rimless glasses always goes well with heart faces as it can draw attention away from the top of the face. Round and oval shaped sunglasses helps to soften your angular lines.


Sunglasses style: wayfarer, round, cat-eye


4.      Oval


Oval face types are slightly an elongated shape with narrow forehead, wide cheeks and narrow chin. For this type of face, the cheekbones are more higher up on the face. Almost every style of sunglasses fits perfectly with oval face types. Geometric shapes like square or rectangle width can maintain the natural balance of your face.


Sunglasses style: oversized, , aviators

Choose sunglasses that not only suit your face type but also make you feel comfortable and confident wearing it. Now share with us what sunglasses that you love rocking on a day out down below.