This Year's Top Raya Colour Trends

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Malaysians have the luxury of getting a lot of holidays in a year due to the country being multiracial and multicultural. Out of all the holidays we receive however, there is one holiday that most people here will look forward to every year. That holiday is of course Eid al-Fitr, or more commonly known here as Hari Raya.

One thing that makes Raya exciting – besides stuffing your face with good food – is its range of vibrant traditional clothes that colour the occasion. The first day of Raya is usually the most colourful as people proudly show off their new Raya clothes to their families and friends.

Every year, there is that one colour that is deemed THE Raya colour where you will see trending among people in Malaysia. Since, we couldn’t really pinpoint which is the Raya colour of the year yet, here are some choices that are looking to be strong contenders.

1.    Pink

Pink has been a favourite for years. Everybody seems to have worn this colour at least once in their life as it looks good on all men and women. The colour is soft so it does not strike the eyes that much, it is bright enough to make you standout from the crowd, and it goes well with any other secondary colours that you might want to add to your outfit to put a little bit of flair to it.


2.    Nature green

Green usually is not the first choice on anybody’s selection of Raya clothes but it seems like the colour is slowly making its way to people’s hearts. More specifically, the type of green that you would normally associate with nature like Pepper Stem and Terrarium Moss, a colour by Pantone that is viewed as this summer natural beauty. While Emerald is the default green for other people, be different by donning a shade of green that nobody would think to wear.


3.    Fiesta red

If you really want to standout from the crowd, red is always the colour to go. It gets everyone’s attention and the spotlight immediately goes to you. Our pick of red would be Fiesta which is a colour somewhere between orange and red that is said to radiate energy, passion, and excitement; three elements that you need during your Raya holidays.


4.    Royal blue

If all else fails, the Royal Blue colour is the perfect choice to save you from your dilemma. Royal Blue acts as a default colour since it looks great on everybody be it in the form of a baju Melayu, kebaya, or even a modern kurung. It is a safe choice for people who are clueless on Raya trends which will make you seem like you actually know what you are doing with your Raya fashion.



Honestly, all colours are appreciated during Raya as it is a holiday that celebrates being colourful and vibrant. Besides these four, there are many other colours for you to experiment on during Raya. You just need to choose the best one that suits you.

What is your Raya colour this year? Are you going to match with the rest of the family? Share with us at the comments section below.