Tips to Avoid Makeup Disasters On Your Wedding Day


What happen when you put makeup disasters and wedding day together? Your whole life is basically ruined. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day because it’s a once in a lifetime event and even you can recreate the look on your wedding day it won’t be the same. So, for an event that means the world to brides and groom, here are our lifesaving tips to avoid makeup disasters on your wedding day.

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First and foremost is to prep your face for the big day. Going to facial a few days prior will make your skin glow even more. Adding nourishment to the skin like applying the face mask is a must thing to do especially if you have been lacking sleeps and stressing out so much prior to the wedding.

Beside that, cracked lips also need to be given attention. In prepping your face don’t leave out the lip scrub. This will help to buff away any dried skin cells, nourish your lip for added benefits resulting in a smoother and easier lipstick application. When you smile for the camera, your lips will be on point and cracked lips is big no.


Next tip is on the make up aspect. Choose long wear make up items as much as possible ranging from foundation, concealer, setting powders, mascara and others . Wearing long lasting wear makeup products minimizes the need to touch up and it holds better for longer time.


Touch up every once in a while. The bride may not know if her make up is still on point so it’s the bridesmaid’s task of taking care of the bride during reception. During the day, our face tends to get oily or dries out after some time. Oil blotter sheets may come in handy as well as setting powder for this purpose.


Another important steps to avoid make up disasters is to have a test makeup before the event. Different make up artists has different techniques and make up items used. Having a test make up will help you in knowing what to expect during the day of the wedding and eventually help you from having a make up disasters.

Water-proof your eye make up. Will you shed a few happy tears?. Yes. Choose a waterproof make up especially your eyeliner and mascara to avoid it from being smudged or run down. If you are doing your own make up, always apply the eye primer before you apply your eye shadow because primer helps in holding the eye make up better and longer.

Overall, you may search high and low for the best makeup artists in town to doll up for the day. But having a good knowledge on how to use and touch up make up will come in handy to prevent make up disasters. During the event, you as the bride will take plenty of photos with your groom together with the guests so be sure to spend your time, effort and money wisely on every aspects of the wedding particularly in how you look.