Top 5 Favourite Raya Outfits from LUBNA MEN

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Inspired by the high-spirited and joy of youth, LUBNA brings a collection that entices us with a dreamy escape from the monotony of the day-to-day while accentuating the signature flowy, modern twist of the traditional silhouette.

As a man, choosing a Raya outfit is so much simpler since everything we need are just a decent top with proper pants, right? Despite of all that, it still overwhelms a man every now and then to get that simplicity that comes with a trendy touch for an outfit. If you are still looking for Raya outfits at the last minute, fret not as LUBNA Men is the answer! Here are the top five favorite Raya outfits from LUBNA Men that might intrigue you..



Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga has been Malaysian all-time favorite traditional attire which originated in Johor, Malaysia. The opening is hemmed with stiff stitching called tulang belut and ends with a small loop at the top of one side to fit a singular button emphasized the classic touch. In this regular fit cutting of solid toned polyester material, there is nothing you should worry about. It is very comfortable and easy to wear for the whole day. Besides solid toned baju melayu teluk belanga tops, Lubna Men collection also offers a stripe Baju Melayu top with two pockets at the front design too.



On the other hand, Baju Melayu Cekak Musang has been crowned to be the top two favorites in the LUBNA Collection for Men. The cekak musang neckline is advisable to be styled by tucking it under the kain samping to make you appear more sophisticated. With such style and machismo, you definitely will be the highlight of the day. Also, the Side Stripe Baju Melayu Cekak Musang would be a perfect choice for Raya this year. It comes in four main colors which are Green, Navy, Black and Brown.


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If you prefer something that is trendy and simple, kurta is another traditional cloth that is worn in many regions of South East Asia. Match it with dark trousers or slack pants to give enough sense of versatility. Initially, it is a loose collarless shirt but a cultural diffusion of style allows LUBNA to come out with a brilliant idea to modernize the design into Zipper Kurta and Teluk Belanga Kurta.


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However, some might also prefer to have a little Middle East vibe during this Raya, Thus, jubah from LUBNA Men would be the perfect choice for that. Instead of the usual plain coloured jubah, this side stripe design definitely adds that youthful element to the attire.



This Multi-toned stripe baju melayu has successfully caught the attention of many. This multi-toned stripe pattern is also available in the Lubna Men’s Collection in kurta and jubah as well.

Planning to match your outfits for Raya with the love of your life? Do not worry because LUBNA has got your back! They also include matching designs in the LUBNA Curve and LUBNA Women lines that you surely would not want to miss!


We hope that your Raya will be more meaningful this year. So, which one wins your heart? Share your favorite in the comment box down below!