What is So Special About Swarovski Crystals?


When you think of jewellery crystals, what is the first brand that pops into mind? You thought of Swarovski too, didn’t you? Swarovski is synonymous to crystals on jewelleries as the brand has been pioneering the market since 1895, that’s even before when World War I happened!

It all started with one Daniel Swarovski, an Austrian jeweller who patented an electric cutting machine that greatly helped in the production of lead crystal glass jewellery which before this, the process had to be cut manually by hand. Years gone by and Swarovski proved to be number one in the crystal glass game as the brand has been providing its services not only in fashion but also in appliances like binoculars and such.

So why is Swarovski such a big deal? Well, let us dive deeper into this world-renowned brand and figure out just what makes Swarovski the best in the industry.

1.    Precision cutting


Given that Swarovski was the founder of the game-changing electric cutting machine, it is a no-brainer that the brand’s precision cutting is unmatched by other crystal manufacturers in the industry. It forms rainbow-like sparkle prisms whenever hit by radiant light which can be seen at any angle.


2.    Eco-friendly

One admirable aspect of Swarovski is that it strives to be an environmentally friendly and sustainable brand when creating its products. It also maintains its ethical practice by ensuring all its crystals are clean and clear from the very start of the process. So, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to Swarovski’s products.


3.    Is a big part of fashion

Photo taken from: Swarovski’s Instagram.

Photo taken from: Swarovski’s Instagram.

It is pretty obvious that Swarovski plays a huge part in today’s fashion. All the big names have gotten their hands on it by collaborating with the brand, celebrities wear it on the red carpet, fashion magazines feature them on the front page, and many other forms of recognition the brand deserves. Swarovski does not limit itself to just high fashion though. Just recently, it collaborated with highly in demand brand Supreme, paving its way to streetwear and hypebeast fashion.


4.    Best man-made crystals


Simply put, Swarovski is the best man-made crystal manufacturer in the world. From necklaces to microscopes, there is nothing Swarovski can’t create. Its innovative culture continues to lead the way for crystal craftmanship especially in the world of fashion combining luxury and creativity.



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