What Is With The Bath Bomb Craze?


The intriguing and fascinating effects once bath bomb come in contact with the water is what people like the most about it. Not to forget the calm and soothing fragrance that makes you melt into the water. The feeling is pure bliss especially if you are having the bath bomb in your bath after a long and tiring day. But most Malaysian household doesn’t have or even own a bath tub, what is it with the bath bomb craze?.

Bath bomb is more fun


The answer is because bath bomb is thoroughly enjoyed during travels or honeymoon. As compared to body wash, bath bomb is more fun because they fizz , foam and produce colored water. Besides that, bath bomb also contains other skin loving ingredients that leave your skin moisturized and hydrated after your bath.

Choosing the right bath bomb for you


Making the decision on which bath bomb you would likely love can be done by focusing on a few determining factors beginning with fragrance. Some like fruity scents, citrusy, floral and just a mix of everything. Once you get the scents sorted, look for other special effects or ingredients that the bath bomb has got to offer. Some contains colorful embeds. means after a few seconds becoming in contact with water, the bath bomb will release a stream of colorful foam. That is so cool right?. Florals and glitters are also great addition for a bath bomb, especially if you are celebrating something big like birthday or honeymoon.

How does a bath bomb work


The reaction from citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and water will fizz, foam and spin the bath bomb in the tub. Bath bomb can be quite costly and storing them at the right place helps to preserve it. Humidity is something to avoid because it could make the bath bomb go soft and activated prematurely, meaning you won’t be getting optimum fizz from it when you use them later.

Is bath bomb expensive?

Price points varies according to ingredients, packaging and also branding. Many didn’t aware that a retail price for a products are determined by a lot of factors. We cannot get an apple for an apple comparison for a price of handmade bath bomb to the one that is mass produced. Bottom line is to find the one you like that matches the price point that you are willing to spend on.

With bath bomb, the fresher the better

Generally the shelf life of a bath bomb is from 6 months to 1 year however as we said earlier bath bomb is best used fresh say within a month of two of purchase. Storing them for long will only reduce the fizziness and fades the fragrance.

Fun things to do with bath bomb


You can double the fun by creating what we called as bath art. By mixing and combining a few of bath products - bath bombs, shower gel, and also bubble bar you can produce you own bath art.

Once you created your own bath art don’t forget to snap a photo and share them on your social media. Have fun!