What to Wear to A Pool Party


Aren’t we blessed to have summer all-year round? The sun is always shining, the coconut trees are always swaying, and the pool is always perfect for a sunny day-out. Long live pool parties and the fun that it entails. Here’s a question that is probably bugging you since you got your invite: “What to wear to a pool party?”. You might be thinking of going casual, but your friends are probably going to dress their best. Ah, you’re feeling so clueless that you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, we are here to help you ponder less and party more.



Let’s talk about the quintessential pool party outfit: swimwear. Whether you have a swimsuit or boardshorts in mind, we recommend having lots of fun with it. Go for bright colours and tropical prints to bring out your love for parties. Don’t shy away from geometric prints and pastel shades too. In a sea of blue, you’d want to stand out amongst the crowd.



Besides shielding yourself from harmful rays, imagine how hot you would look behind a pair of sunglasses. It shouldn’t just serve as a style statement. Pick a pair of sunglasses that come with 100% UV protection, which will shield you from UVA and UVB rays. The mid-day sun can be harsh, so it’s best to keep your beautiful eyes protected.


For some of us, we prefer to lounge by the pool than swimming. If the lounge chair will be your best friend or you’ll be moving from the cocktail mixer to the barbecue pit, throw on a cute sundress (for the ladies) or printed shirt (for the lads). It’s a quick way to jazz up in casual wear, so you’ll feel slightly covered when hanging out indoors.



Some beach resorts or homes aren’t built with pavements that are barefoot-friendly. If there’s a chance for you to rock up a pair of summer sandals, why not? Besides choosing a comfortable pair, opt for a water-resistant pair so it won’t feel like you’re wearing damp socks everywhere you go. Don’t forget to have some fun with the colours and designs too.


Just as important as everything else in the list, it’s the beach towel. After a long day in the pool, you need beach towels to dry and freshen up without leaving a wet trail. It’ll also come in handy if you need something comfortable to lay out on your lounge chair. When it comes to fabric, choose a cotton towel for comfort and a microfiber one for easy-dry convenience.



If you take great care of your skin, you know a bottle of sunscreen is a must-bring to a pool party. You’ll be chilling outside with your friends all day, so it’s wise to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Depending on the weather, choose sunscreens that are between SPF30 and SPF50 and reapply every 30 minutes to an hour. It may seem fussy, but applying sunscreen frequently can help to prevent premature skin aging and skin damage.

Yay, we’ve got you covered! Before you soak up the sun by the pool, bring your essentials with you. From sunscreen and beach towels to your favourite swimwear, these items will definitely come in handy. Now, who’s ready for a pool party?

What’s your favourite pool party essential? Share with us in the comments below!