Why Removing Makeup Before You Sleep is Very Important


Applying make up has become a routine to most women in the world. In fact, make up industry is worth more than billions of dollars. For make up lovers, make up has become a commodity. A limited edition item can be sold out within minutes of launching. Que Kylie Jenner and her lip kits. That just shows how massive the industry is. Now we won’t be talking about wearing make up as we will be discussing further about removing make up instead. If you haven’t done this already, here are five reasons why you need to remove make up before you sleep.

1.     Basic hygiene


This one is a no brainer. When you wake up you clean your face. Similarly when you are about to go to bed. You need to clean your face which includes removing your make up using a make up remover and facial cleanser. For some who are leaning towards the advance scale, they will clean their face using the infamous Korean method - double cleansing.

2.     To let your skin breath


Wearing a full face of make up from morning until night is not highly recommended because it could clog your pores and cause breakouts. So imagine after having your face get in contact with dirt and contaminated air, your skin needs to breath when you sleep. Benefits? Your skin will get its much needed rest and your pores won’t clog up.

3.     For healthy and glowing skin


Removing your make up before sleep promotes a healthy and glowing skin. But how?. Make up contains certain ingredients that are harmful for the skin, as some skin are more sensitive than others so properly cleaning the face before you sleep will help clear out any future breakouts and help to achieve a clearer skin. All this by simply taking off your make up before bed. Isn’t it amazing?

4.     Prevent from breakouts


Breakouts caused by a lot of factors, be it hormone imbalance, wrong diet, lifestyle or wearing too much products. Here is a pro tip. If your skin tend to have breakouts even if you are sure that none of the previous causes mentioned are ticked, then check your bed sheet and pillow case. They should be replaced at least one a week. If you are still having zits? Its because you didnt wash your face before you sleep.

5.     Make up contains harmful chemicals


Not to scare you, although it should but make up contains harmful chemicals. Many skin cancers are associated with wearing make up for too long, skipping sunscreen when going under the sun, buying counterfeit make up items, etc. Having your make up on your skin for too long shouldn’t be a healthy practice.

We all know the feeling, when you are tired and want to do nothing but to be in bed and call it a day. Wearing make up comes with the responsibility of removing them as well so keep in mind these five reasons to why removing make up before you sleep is crucial. Don’t forget to take them off next time.