10 Things That Happen in Movies but Never in Real Life


Movies are created by imaginative director and hardworking producers who genuinely publish the masterpiece of the talented actor and actress as an entertainment for us at the end of hectic days. We need a laugh to make our day more delightful. Slowly, movies become an escapism to our life. Who doesn’t love watching movies? But most of the movies, when it is literally interpreted into reality, it doesn’t happen. At all. We might get frustrated if we dream that all the things that happen in movies are truthfully happening in real life. Below are the 10 things that happen in movies but never in real life.

1.      Everyone is attentive to watch the news

watch news.gif

Suddenly, in a room full of people or in the restaurant when you change an entertainment channel to the news channel, everyone will give full attention without arguing. Even the electrical stores selling televisions also open the news channel on all of its screens and a lot of people passing by outside the store will stop to watch.

2.      Wearing glasses as a disguise and no one will recognize you

There’s a lot of main characters that wears glasses and different make-up look to appear like an average person. For certain occasions or events, they take the glasses off and surprisingly nobody will recognize them. Or they just don’t want to ruin the moment even though you can literally recognize them by the voice and their characters.

3.      The taxi driver knows where your home is without telling the exact location

Often happen in movies, when the driver asks the character; ‘where are you going?’ and they just tell them ‘home’. There’s no further question and the driver starts to take them to the right location. Sometimes after watching this movie, you will feel that all the taxi drivers are dangerous because they know where we lived exactly.

4.      You’re not being questioned for hugging strangers in your good mood

Hugging a stranger is still wrong either we’re in a good or bad mood. If in real life we’re hugging random people, they might either think we’re crazy or we might be pushed off. It’s kind of intruding their privacy. Or if we get lucky, they might be happy for our news too.

5.      All of your friends are always there for you

All movie characters are so lucky for having such great friends because they will always be there for them no matter what situation or cost. This scene is only a wish in real life because to gather a friend after a graduation, it takes a lot of planning which most of the time might end up being cancelled.

6.      Neatly brushing the teeth

We’ve been watching a lot of brushing teeth scenes by the main character where it does not get messy. No matter how you try to brush your teeth, it still will turn a bit messy.

7.      There’s always running scene to the airport


Commonly at the end of movies, there’s always a running scene to the airport where surprisingly, this scene always works for the heroin to not move out and staying back. And they will live happily ever after.

8.      The hero still have energy after a long fight with encounter villains and they still win

In reality, it is hard to maintain the energy after a fight. But surprisingly, all action movies characters still live after 30 minutes through the fight.

9.      Everyone knows the dance steps

This always happens either in musical movies or Bollywood. Somehow, when you happy and the music turn on, everyone will join you and suddenly know the dance steps. In reality, people might look with confused feelings.

10.  The new student always being attractive in school

In movies, it always happens, either you might be extra attractive towards the different gender in the school or being bullied by the famous in school. In reality, nobody will notice the new member of the school, especially in a large school.

Any more ideas that you can add on the list? Share down below.