5 Kids Fashion Brands Launched on ZALORA


For all you OG ZALORA customers, you would notice that we once had a kids segment on our website catering fashion for children below 12. We discontinued it for awhile only to revamp the collection with new and better fashion products for your children. Today, we bring you a brand new kids segment with more brands and various clothing designs!

For our kids fashion launch today, we start off with five of the top children’s brands that are sure to make your little angel transform into a style star. With these exceptional kids fashion brands, expect other children in kindergarten to give the stink eye, but honestly, what is wrong with setting your child to a stylish path early? Let’s have a look at those five brands that are launching in ZALORA Kids.

1.    Bebebundo

It is a mother’s only goal to be the best and provide as much as she can for her child. That is what Bebebundo is all about. The homegrown brand emphasises on being the best kids apparel in the fashion industry as its owner, Nadia Bakly, is for her children. Nadia Bakly who is of Minang descend brings that aspect to her designs giving it a twist to kidswear that is usually so ordinary.


2.    Lil’ Notre

Established in 2016, this Indonesian brand is all about tradition. The state of traditional fabrics for their future generation worries its owners, thus Lil’ Notre is born. The brand brings Indonesian traditional-wear and fuses it with modern outfits resulting in the best of both sides of fashion to your child’s clothes.


3.    Pokoks

featured pic_ig.jpg

It is important to bring awareness of the environment to your kids at a young age and what better way to start by putting fashion into the mix? Pokoks (pokok in English means tree) is inspired by the natural patterns that can be found in our flora and fauna. Expect a lot of floral prints and earthy colours from the exclusive Pokoks kids collection.


4.    Round Ages

A lot of young children’s fashion sense are often ignored seeing that there are less kids section on brands. But Round Ages begs the question, if you can look stylish as an adult, why can’t your kid look the same? Round Ages allows your kid to express themselves through fashion which sometimes can come off as a surprise to you. Who knows, they would grow up to become the next Kendall Jenner or Lucky Blue Smith?


5.    Wondertots


It is common to hear your daughter wanting to be a princess when she grows up. Well, we do not have ballroom gowns for your little one but Wondertots comes close to it. Wondertots provides beautiful dresses in fair colours, just like what a Disney princess would wear in those original animation movies.



Those are the five brands that are currently on the ZALORA site as you read this. But do not worry, we will have more brands coming your way soon for your cute and stylish kids. Just make sure you keep up to date with us by getting on ZALORA today.