5 Must-Have Sunglasses Every IT Girl is Wearing


“Who is that?” is usually a question when you’re wearing sunglasses because for sure you just caught people’s attention towards you. Sunglasses is a multi-functional because it protects your eyes from the sunlight and also, make you look fashionable! Just like a new hairstyle, putting on sunglasses is absolutely the best way to completely transform your look. With different shapes and styles, let’s take a look at these five must-have sunglasses that every IT girl is wearing.


Annakiki gls S18 006.jpg

 Almost all types of face shape looks good with cat eyes. For sure, it suits well in every season and outfit. Most important, if you’re in a lazy mood to accessorize, just put on the cat eye sunglasses and you’re done!


Arbesser gls S19 002.jpg

For everyday use and also to switch on your summer mood, colored lenses sunglasses is an ideal choice.  You can play around your outfit with this type of sunglasses whether you choose a grey, red, or even yellow tints for blocking light.


CG gls S16 003.jpg

 For sure this type of eyewear, it helps hide your face more. With the right frames and lenses of oversized sunglasses, it makes your style and face look well balanced. Besides, you don’t really want to look like a “bug eye” right?


Au Jour le Jour gls F15 013.jpg

Try to put this on for retro vibes and it is good for someone who want to be bold. You can transform your look from nothing to something fabulous!  It is perfect for someone who has an oval face because it makes your face look a bit longer.  


Acne gls S15 004.jpg

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, aviators were so popular and even today, this classic sunglasses design shows no sign to be thrown out from the fashion world. It is absolutely stunning to wear to any festivals or beach holidays.

 So any sunglasses design above that have become a favourite? Do share it down below.