Beauty Products to Give You That Hot Summer Look


When it comes to fashion, summer is the perfect season to go all out with your look. That is why the best looks you see on runways and in the streets always happen during the summer where these models, Instagram influencers, hypebeasts and hypebaes alike wear clothes that are exceptionally stylish. For women, however, another aspect that contributes to the ideal summer look is the makeup.

Your beauty look is equally important to your outfit as it helps elevate your presence in this hot summer weather. And since Malaysia is constantly experiencing summer, you need the right set of cosmetics to maintain your hot look. But not to worry, we have a few suggestions on what to get so that you always standout during the summer’s heat.

1.    Brighten your eyes


Summer is all about colourful hues and the same can be applied to your eyeshadows. Ditch your natural tones and get a palette that has colours that you would not usually use. From turquoise, hot pink, burnt umber, and many other wacky colours; this is the time you are allowed to experiment with these colourful tones.

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2.    Colour those lips


Lips are the first thing you do when applying makeup. And while we are on the topic of bright hues, get one in bright pink or blood red that will really divert people’s attention to your luscious lips. Better yet, get a lip stain which doubles as a blusher. So, not only do you save cost, you also can match your lips and cheeks together to complete your funky beauty look.

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3.    Outline your pretty eyes


If the eyeshadow is not enough for you, add a little extra “oomph” around your eyes with a vibrant enough colour that will surely be the highlight of your makeup. Ditch the black eyeliner – your emo days are over – and get ones in bright colours to really get into the summer vibe.

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There is no better time to experiment with your looks than summer. Be it through your clothes or makeup, go crazy with your overall guise. You are allowed to do so.

Any more ways to look smoking hot this summer? How do you get into the summer vies with your makeup? Share with us at the comments section below.