Decorative Ideas for Your House During Raya


In several days to come, we are going to celebrate Hari Raya. Sprucing up the house before the occasion is one of the Raya traditions that need to be kept alive. It is the time to turn your home into a warm festive place and make your guests feel welcomed.

You do not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket to create the jaunty Raya ambience. Use things that you already have, re-use decorations from last years, be creative with some DIYs and only buy what is needed. Here are some decorating ideas to get you all set for the joyful celebration.

1. Inject some colours to the decor of your house especially the living room


This is the place where you and your guests will be spending most of the time catching up with each other. Pick a colour theme. Raya is synonym with green and yellow. You can choose other colours too. Once you have decided on the colour scheme, change the curtains, table runners and cushion covers accordingly. Having all these in the right mix of shades will pop up your living room, creating a comfortable harmonious environment that reflects the Raya vibes.

2. Make it merrier with some extra lights


Do not forget about your exterior décor. Hang small LED Lights, or even better ketupat-shaped lights at the main door plus the outside area of the house. Put on your flip flops, get on the ground and light up the lampu pelita or bamboo torch around the yard. These decorative items can be purchased at a reasonable price in stores or you can DIY your own lights using used recyclable materials. Let your house scream Raya with the majestic shine.

3. Make full use of the empty wall


Have an empty wall? Let’s commemorate nostalgic Raya memories. Flick through your albums, choose some photographs that captured the best Raya moments of you and families. Put those worth a thousand words pictures in frames. You can also print out the photos in black and white for a more sentimental effect. Create a gallery wall, setting up an enticing lovely décor to awe your guests.

Alternatively, you can decorate the wall with ketupat cases. Nothing says Raya like ketupat-themed decoration. So, hang some freshly woven ketupat cases up for a more homely Raya atmosphere. You can also DIY some garlands (for instance tussle garlands) for an extra little character.

4. Fresh flowers and floral arrangements


Flowers will add sweet elegant touch to your house. Buy fresh flowers from your local florist, compose a beautiful arrangement and let the flowers be the star of your living room. You could arrange one as the centerpiece of the dining table too for a refreshing setting.

It is time to start decorating. Unleash your creativity, be versatile. Experiment with different styles, colours and decors. You will be surprised on how much fun you are having in getting your home ready for Raya with just a few simple touches without consuming too much time. Last but not least, do not forget to stream Hari Raya songs from online streaming portals to keep the festive mood going. Let the spirit of Raya echoes in the air, spreading excitements to everyone of us. Do you have any preferred décor plans for the big feast to come? Share your ideas with us in the comment box below.