Exotic Pets That Are Safe To Own


Thinking of owning a pet or maybe adding a new member to your family?  Why not check out some of these exotic animals that are safe to own and fascinating to keep.



This spiky animal has an average of between 5000 and 7000 quills on its body but is undeniably adorable. Don’t worry, you won’t get hurt if you hold one and it is also relatively easy and safe to keep. All hedgehogs need is a cage, water, food and something they can burrow themselves under like a tiny blanket. It likes to stay hidden but can be sociable too once it gets to know you better.

Bearded Dragon


This reptile is nothing to be feared though its name and image suggests otherwise. A common house pet in the US it hails from Australia and having it as a pet means ensuring its environment emulates the climate of its homeland. Bearded dragons are omnivores, enjoy sun-bathing, love to be cuddled and are safe to keep mainly due to their calm nature. If you’re interested in taking one home make sure you read up first on the special requirements to take care of this exotic reptile.



So you’re not the touchy-feely type and prefer not to hold your pets? Then the tarantula could be the right choice for you. With 800 species of tarantulas out there you’ll be spoilt for choice so make sure you pick the one that suits you best. This rather fuzzy insect does not require much space but some species need a place to burrow themselves under. Keep it away from sunlight and also provide an area for it to construct its web because that’s what spiders do. It is a quiet creature and safe to keep though it does bite. But if you follow the proper procedures to take care of this spider, you’ll be spared any danger.

Boa Constrictor


Did you know that captive bred reptiles are generally more docile than those caught in the wild? Though snakes may not be a favourite with the crowd they too are animals worthy of care and love. A boa constrictor in particular is a solitary creature thus keeping one as a pet can be considered relatively safe. All you need to have is a solid space for your reptile so that it cannot escape and most essentially knowledge on the proper care they need. This snake expands as it grows and you will need strength to handle it especially if it lives up to the 25 or 30 years of its lifetime.

Sugar Glider

This cute and rather tiny animal has been gaining popularity as an exotic pet for several years now and is still in high demand. Maybe it’s because of their playful and sociable nature. It loves human interaction so if you’re not one who can spare time giving it attention it’s best to reconsider owning one. Since it’s also a nocturnal creature sugar gliders sleep during the day time and are active at night. Some overly attached owners even bring it on day trips tucking it in the pocket of their T-shirt to keep it close by. Since it’ll just be sleeping in your pocket you don’t have to worry about your sugar glider escaping. All in all they are definitely fun to keep as seen in the video above.

Owning a pet calls for a big heart and most importantly, commitment. Without the two it would be almost impossible to ensure that the creatures are able to lead healthy and happy lives. Ultimately one must treat them the right way so it cannot be stressed any further that you need to know everything there is in providing these exotic pets with the proper environment, food and care. (Also find out beforehand if its legal to own one in your country!). At the end of the day, treat them the same way you would yourself and other fellow humans for they are worthy and deserving creatures too.

Do you own an exotic pet at home? Which one is it, we’d love to know.