Fun Ways to Celebrate Father's Day


There are a million ways on how you can celebrate Father’s Day but he will enjoy it as long as he gets to spend time with you. As Father’s Day is just around the corner this 16th June, why not plan something nice to spend time with your father or the father to your child so he will feel appreciate for all he has done for the family. If you have no idea or planning this last minute on a budget, read down below for some fun ways you can enjoy celebrating Father’s Day this year.  

1.     Head to the Race Track


Bring him to a friendly go-kart race to relief his stress. He will definitely love the adrenaline rush driving a go-kart car on the race track. Give him a head start as it is his special day after all. It probably might turn competitive after a few laps but have fun with it and laugh together.


2.     Host A BBQ Party


Another best way to celebrate Father’s Day is to celebrate it with family and amazing food so hosting a BBQ party will be the perfect plan. If you want to invite other friend’s over that are dad’s to the BBQ, go on ahead. The more, the merrier. Take the opportunity to chat with them on plenty of exciting stories of them being a dad while enjoying plate after plate of delicious BBQ goodness.


3.     Go for mini-golf


If you have kids around or a beginner who are new to golf, going for a miniature golf course would be a fun way to enjoy Father’s Day. The game will help you bond as a family and it allows the Dad the opportunity to teach people around them who are new to the game.


4.     Have a movie night


If you want him to enjoy a nice relaxing night as the next day is a working day, you can always plan a movie night in with him. Order his favourite pizza, don on comfy pyjamas and switch on a family-friendly movie from Netflix that you know he’ll love. If you want to have something to munch on, make some popcorn and feel the cinema experience at home. This will be the perfect ending to a fantastic Father’s Day!



So are you ready for your Father’s Day celebration this coming weekend? Share with us what you have in mind in the comment section below.