How to Get Your Makeup Ready in Less Than 10 Minutes


Waking up extra early in the morning just to get makeup done can be a little annoying when you wish to sleep a little longer but waking up late might be a chaos and you don’t want to go out with a bare face. However, if you master your 10 minutes makeup routine, you will get extra minutes of sleeping and a less chaotic morning. You have no idea how to get your makeup ready in less than 10 minutes? Don’t worry, set your timer and get ready because we are going to master “How to Get Your Makeup Ready in Less Than 10 Minutes”!

1. Work with product that you are familiar and comfortable with

To get your makeup ready and super quick, you should apply on makeup that you are already familiar and suits you very well. For example, apply the foundation that you know works well with your skin and match your shades. You got no time to experiment with new unfamiliar products because it will take lot of time and energy to match your skin tone. You don’t want to go to office with odd foundation shades because you got no time to blend in with your everyday look.


2. Set a specific section for your “on-the-go” makeup


Having your on-the-go products in a section on your makeup table will help you reduce the time that you spend to search for your makeup products because everything is already in one place. Sometimes you can spend whole 10 minutes to search your favourite product because it was all mixed up with every makeup products you own. Having all the makeup you want to use in one place will help you become a little more organized on your daily activity. If you are going for 10 minutes glam makeup look, ensure all the products are set up in front of you before you start your routine.


3. Only use the product that you will not make you feel naked


Cut off unnecessary makeup product when you are getting ready fast. Go with makeup that you will feel weird not having it on your face. You can skip your fancy and extra makeup products and keep it natural to save your time. The less product you use, less time are needed. However, blusher is an exception. Blusher will make you look alive and make you look cute so don’t skip your blusher.


4. Stick to a simple routine


Wearing products that you are familiar with and applying makeup that will not make you feel naked is not enough if your routine is all too much and all over the place. Here are five simple makeup tips that you can follow (you can customize it however you like it).

1.       Base - After your skincare routine, apply on foundation to create an even complexion. If you are not a fan of heavy coverage foundation you can always go with BB and CC cream. BB and CC cream are much lighter and easier to blend in. You can also cover up your flaws with concealer.

2.       Blush and Bronzer – To give your face some definition you can apply bronzer on your cheeks and outer edges of your face. Don’t forget blusher to make you look more alive.

3.       Fill the eyebrow – Brows are the frame of your face. You can fill them lightly using brow pencil or you can use fibre brow gel as it is easy and can be done quickly.

4.       Eye shadow – Instead of having fancy eye shadow, go with a single tone one. You also can use bronzer or blusher as your eye shadow too. To ensure it stays on your eyelid, apply on primer or a little bit of concealer beforehand. Or you can just simply use cream eye shadow.

5.       Lips – Go on with any lipstick colour that you want to wear during the day to complete your look.


Getting ready in 10 minutes is definitely possible and hassle free. Feel free to comment down below on how you get your makeup done when you are in rush.