How to Let Go of Relationship Baggage


People say breaking up is the hardest part of the end of a relationship. We respectfully disagree. What is worse than that is getting rid of the baggage that comes right after it. There you are trying to move on from the relationship, but something is just holding you back from it, preventing you from letting go.

We understand that there is sentimental value on things that might mean something to your relationship but remember that that is all in the past. It is time to let go all of this unnecessary baggage that do not contribute to your new post-relationship life.

1.    Get rid of triggers

This is the first step you need to do after you had your breakup, is to get rid of all the things that remind you of your ex. Anything from that little charm locket you have keeping each other’s name in it, to his favourite hoodie that you “stole” from him. All the things that instantly make you think of the good or bad times with her/him, put that in the trash. You do not need that negativity in your life.


2.    It is okay to be sad


Sometimes, the reason why baggage stays with you is because you do not deal with it first-hand. You do not let yourself feel the emotions that you should be feeling when going through a breakup. In a way, you refuse to accept the fact that your partner is no longer in your life which carries on until you decide to let go of it. So, just get angry or be sad; it is okay to have these feelings after parting with your ex.


3.    Do not think about it


One unhealthy way that a lot of people tend to do after a recent breakup is to mingle around thoughts of “what if?”. What if things were different? What went wrong that lead to this? Why did this happen to me? All these meaningless questions have to stop so let them fade away from your brain. If your friend brings the subject up, politely refuse to talk about it as it will only hurt you from reminiscing about it.


4.    Focus on yourself


Most importantly, focus on you and only you. Since you are free from any ridiculous restrictions made by your partner, now is your time to shine and enjoy life as a newly single person. Do not linger in the past, go do things you would not normally do, improve yourself to be the better you, and just have fun with your life.



We get it, letting go of something you love is difficult, but you have to try to do so to move on and live your life normally.

Do you have any other ways to release the relationship baggage you carry? Share with us at the comments section below.