How to Support Your Significant Other Into Following Their Dreams


As you vow to live together with your significant other, it carries a tremendously large responsibility to adapt your life in order to suit each other’s preferences. This could also come in the form of giving support to him/her to chase their dreams.

Whether in career, possessions or hobby, one could really use a strong support coming from their family members especially the other half. So in this article, we are going to list down several impactful ways of showing your support to your significant other into following their dreams.

1. Pay attention and respond accordingly


Chasing one’s dreams, whether in the short- or long-term, usually requires some brainstorms and discussions. Since it is typically an uphill battle, your significant other might want to ask for your opinions and thoughts, and better still wanting you to lend your ears listening to their rants. If the situation saddens them, portray your empathy by saying how sorry you are for what has happened. Show your support by listening attentively to what they have to say and don’t keep looking at your watch even if you didn’t mean to as this could seem very hurtful when they are sharing what they feel. On the other hand, if they are astounded by the baby steps that have been taken, then cheer together and be merry! Go for a little celebration at their favourite restaurant and treat them well with good food.

2. Give in, and let them lead


Stepping back and letting your significant other to lead, the weekly schedule for instance, would be a strong way to show your support for them. This offers them the liberty to make plans and include their preferences which also comprise of the work of chasing their dreams. As a result, your significant other would have ample time and room to craft their steps towards achieving their goals. With you giving in to your significant other, your actions actually are speaking louder than your words. You are also sacrificing your desires in order to make way for your better half.

3. Communication: Ask how you could help

Communication can get tricky especially with the opposite gender. With ladies behaving differently from the men, this issue particularly can strain the relationship to a certain level. With men, it’s important that their wives speak clearly of their hopes and preferences while the opposite may happen for the women. While the men usually take the words out of their significant others literally as it is, women are typically full of figurative meanings in their conversation. Hence, it’s essential that you clearly ask your significant other about how you could help. In case you are still uncertain about their answers, be sure get it right so the both of you would be on the same page.

4. Communication: Let them know of your state of emotions

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As you aspire to support your other half in chasing their dreams, it is also crucial that you take care of yourself. Providing support doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to sacrifice at all times. In fact, your better half should also care about you in every possible ways which includes your emotional well-being. If you are exhausted with their tight schedule, or that you feel abandoned, communicate this with your significant other to mend the relationship. As important a dream is to a person, relationships with the special ones are equally imperative because it is with the support of one’s significant other that they are able fight the odds in getting to their dreams.

So what are your thoughts about this topic? Have you been the supporter of your significant other in following their dreams, or was it you that were given support to? Remember to share your opinions and experience in the comment box below!