Movie Props That We Wish Were Real


When we were a little kid, we might think some props in the movie existed in real life but sad to tell you that it is not! A prop can be costumes or electrical equipment that make us think, “world would be a more interesting place with all of these!”.The uniqueness and coolness are the reason why we wish the props to become real. Let’s take a look some of movie props that we wish were real.

Iron Man’s Suit - Iron Man


There’s a lot of suits that Iron Man has and each of it are unique in design and carries different purpose. Iron Man’s suit is impossible to be real because the technology used in Iron Man’s suit is far out from our current technology but who doesn’t want to have a fascinating flying suit like Iron Man right?


Magic Lamp – Aladdin

giphy (1).gif

 This magic wish-granting lamp that you can make three wishes on everything that you want but for sure, you need to be careful on what you wish for.

Web Shooters- Spider Man

giphy (2).gif

Spider Man is so synonym with web shooters. Imagine our life with web shooters? It would be much better for us to grab things or to go from one building to another with something from our own hands.

Flying Brooms- Harry Potter


We would be really excited if this unconventional transport is real! Think about how it would be if we changed our bicycle to this flying brooms. We can go anywhere more faster.

The Infinity Stones- Avengers

giphy (3).gif

With infinity stones which is the most powerful stones, it can create you a new life, it can grant any wish you make, and can even break the laws of science and logic.

Vibranium- Black Panther

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Vibranium is a fictional metal appearing in Black Panther’s movie  that we wish were real because the extraordinary abilities to absorb, store, and release large amounts of kinetic energy making it so powerful.

Invisibility Cloak-Harry Potter

We really wish this prop were real for so many purposes! It is to hide from people that we don’t want to meet or to feel safe for going out alone.

Light sabers- Star Wars

giphy (4).gif

The most iconic weapons in all of science fiction that we always wish to own one because it is cool! We don’t need it to kill anyone, besides we can use the light sabers  to cut any material more easy.


Do you have any movie props other than the ones in the list that you wish were real? Do comment below!