New Summer Clothes for Your Hot Style

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Summer is here! Not that it matters in Malaysia anyway, but this is the perfect excuse to get into summer fashion that Westerners are currently rocking. There is a distinct style when it comes to summer fashion both in menswear and womenswear. You can show off some skin, vibrant colours are a must, and are finally allowed to mix and match your clothes without any judgement by others. It is a time to go crazy with your look!

And look no further than ZALORA as we have new items to suit your summer vibes. New season means new collection which you can experiment on according to your mood. Let’s take a look on how you could do that with some of the summer clothes we have in stores for you.

1.    Floral bloom


When you think of summer, you think of colourful flowers blooming assisted by the ray of sunlight shining down on them. You can be part of it, well, not literally but stylistically with clothes that are filled with flower motives. The brighter the better we say when it comes to these floral prints so get one in yellow, red, pink, and even neon if you can.

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2.    Get in line


Striped patterns may be ordinary and overused, but in summer context, clothes with stripes on it is a must-wear during your summer holidays. Not just any striped shirts though, you want one that is bold with bright colours. Think more like a Good Vibes Festival attendee and less like an office boy in a dress shirt.

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3.    Graphics all around


If flowers and stripes are too overrated for summer, then be different. Be entirely different with graphics plastered on your t-shirt. Now is the time to wear clothes with all kinds of wacky and outrageous designs on them without worrying about people looking at you all weird. They are probably wearing one themselves.

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4.    Legs for days


In this hot weather, you would be crazy if you wrapped yourself in thick clothes covering all your body parts like a can of sardine. Since it is the summer, let that breeze flow through with light clothes that feels easy on you. Shorts and miniskirts are a good option for this summer weather as they are comfortable to wear.

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5.    Flashy neon


We fully support wearing bright coloured clothes during the summer. So, what can be brighter than bright hues? Neon of course! Neon colours will sure to make you pop out from the boring crowd and turn heads by your blindingly bright colour. Get clothes in neon yellow, pink, green, and even turquoise to really capture the spotlight at wherever you go.

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There are a lot more summer clothes for you to try on, but we will live that to you to experiment with. Now is the best season to not hold back in style so go crazy with your clothes.

How would you style yourself according to the summer vibes? Share with us at the comments section below.