Reasons Why You Need A Dry Shampoo


Have you tried using dry shampoo for your hair? Is it already one of your essentials or you’re still in doubt of whether it is good for you or not? Basically, dry shampoo is a substance that cleans your hair without necessitating getting the hair wet by absorbing oil from the scalp and hair, resulting it to look freshly washed again.

Though it cannot fully substitute the usage of regular shampoo (as it will only help to absorb excess oil and not necessarily wash away dirt), here are several reasons why, from time to time, you should opt for dry shampoo, especially the organic one with natural ingredients.

1. To be used between washes


Washing your hair frequently will affect the production of natural oil, causing problems like dry hair, itchy scalp, premature greying and dandruff. It is advisable to wash your hair only three times a week. Thus, when it is not your shampoo day, use dry shampoo. The oil-absorbing action helps to make your hair more manageable. The best way is to use it at night, before bed. It will provide sufficient time for the dry shampoo to work on your scalp and roots.

Not only that, it can be used to replace regular shampooing if you want to lengthen the life span of your blowout, trying to keep the look for a little bit longer.

2. Adds volume and amazing texture to your hair


Having a bad hair day? Dry shampoo is your lifesaver. It will tame oily hair and adds texture especially for those having thin and fine hair. Whenever you are feeling that your hair falls flat, resort to dry shampoo. It will add weight and boost volume. All you need to do is simply spritz some dry shampoo all over your hair, then use your fingertips to style your hair for a totally effortless look.

3. Very convenient and saves time


Dry shampoo eliminates odors in a single step and takes less than a minute to use. Plus, you can apply it anywhere without having to get into the shower. It helps you to save time as you don’t have to go through shampooing and drying your hair.

It is also a great solution for you in situations when water isn't readily available or shower is not an option. For instance, when you are doing outdoor activities like hiking and camping, you can still embrace the clean fresh feeling of washed hair with the application of dry shampoo.

4. You can workout without having to wash your hair


If you are a gym-goer, dry shampoo should be one of the essentials in your gym bag. In case you are dashing to the office for an early meeting after a workout session (and there is no time for a shower), just use dry shampoo. It will make you feel refresh, mask the hair with a pretty scent and you are good to go. Or you can spend some extra minutes for your session because you do not have to include the time needed to step into the shower to wash your hair. You can be more active without having to worry about your hair being too oily or stinky.

5. It is travel-friendly


Get yourself a travel-size dry shampoo and pack it with you whenever you are travelling. Dry shampoo will be very handy after a tiring journey or a long flight. These two can totally wreck your beauty routine and your hair will not be excluded. Apply dry shampoo to keep your roots from being greasy. Look fresh, not disheveled upon reaching your destination.

Start using this rinse-free hair care alternative and reap the benefits that it has to offer. Choose the most suitable product and let it serve as a ‘leave-in’ treatment for your hair. Do you have any particular brand of dry shampoo that you would like to share? Kindly drop a word or two in the comment box below.