Signs You Are Already His Girlfriend Even Though He Hasn’t Officially Asked


So, you sort of being dating this certain guy for some time which started from a friendship but you are not really sure what you are to him because he never officially asked for you to be his girlfriend. Whether he assumes you already are with the ways he shows his interest in you or he is just waiting for the perfect time, this can be very confusing especially if you are really into him. If you have been close to him for some time now and wondering whether you are someone special to him, here are signs that you are already his girlfriend even though he hasn’t officially asked you yet. Read down below.

1.    He constantly contacts you

If he constantly calls or text you every single day to share about his day and to know about yours, then this is a positive sign you are always on his mind. Even when he misses your call or late in replying your texts, he explains to you the reason to make you know that he did not do it on purpose, for example, he was in a meeting, charging his phone or really busy at work.


2.    He compliments you a lot


When a guy compliments you a LOT, this means he is obviously smitten by you and wants to make you feel special. He will compliment how you look in that new dress, how much he loves your smile or your new hairstyle. But DO use your women instincts to analyse the way he compliments you whether they are truly sincere or has a hidden agenda as this can be tricky at times.


3.    You meet important people in his life


Okay, if you are confused on the compliments part, this point will make you think again on his interest in you. This is because if a guy took the step in bringing you to meet important people in his life like his circle of close friends and family, it means he already likes you. His move to make you meet important people in his life is to share with you where he is from and the people he cares for. It also can mean he is ready for the potential of being in a serious relationship with you for the long run.


4.    You are his priority


For a man to make you his priority means that you are someone he truly values. He is willing to drop anything he is doing whenever you need someone to talk to or when he knows that you need help. Not only that, whenever he make plans, he always wants to include you in it because he wants to spend more time with you.

 5.    Giving a level of intimacy


Since the day both of you have started to be closer to each other, you will realize that he will lean in more during conversations, holds your hand every opportunity he gets and hugs you tightly or even longer. This is a sign that he really cares about you more than a normal friend.


6.    He remembers the little details


You often feel surprised and impressed when he remembers every little detail about you or what you have talked about. He pays attention and listens to whatever you share with him or the things you randomly mention. He avoids the things you don’t like and is thoughtful on the presents he gets you.


So, are you convinced that you are already his girlfriend with these signs? Let us know in the comment section below. If you are still confused, don’t worry as you can always sit down with him and have ‘the talk’ so both of you know what you both mean to each other.