Street Styles We Saw at International Men's Fashion Week (So Far)


Fashion week is going on as this article is being written and we could not get any more excited about it. The reason being is that we get to see all these stylish outfits that international designers present through beautiful models on the runway. But forget about that, we could not pull off those high-fashion pieces anyway. It is all about street style these days and we got to see some impeccable looks.

Attendees of the Paris Fashion Week did not disappoint when they walked the streets in stylish outfits and looks that can only be pulled off by the most fashion-forward minded of them all. Honestly, we are just in awe of these outfits that we have to discuss it with you. Check out the hottest street style trends presented by these stylish gentlemen of Paris.

1.    Button ups are in

belly button.jpg

If it is not obvious enough for you, button ups are what all stylish guys wear now especially ones with camp collars (those are the collars that look like a tent). It gives off a playful yet sophisticated vibe whenever a guy wears one, and that is the attitude that all of us should strive for.


2.    Show some skin

skinny dip.jpg

While in your camp collar shirt, undo a couple of buttons on top to show a little tease of your summer body. Bare chest is apparently the macho move during Fashion Week and it is easy to see why due to Malaysia’s constant hot weather.


3.    Loose shorts


Since we are already talking about baring skin, show a little more by wearing shorts. Loose shorts are the week’s pick as we see these pair on Parisians strutting their style on the streets. The looser the better as they say as it keeps things extra comfortable and breezy especially during the summer.


4.    Brighten up the day


Summer is all about bright and lively surroundings as people enjoy the natural sunlight tanning their skin. The same should be applied on your clothes as the men of Paris did during Fashion Week. There is no shortage of neon bright hues and wacky graphics on these sexy Parisian dudes so we welcome this style with open arms.



Looking at these impressive street style makes us want to get on ZALORA and buy whatever that looks close to it. What did you gather from the Fashion Week that is going on currently? Any styles that you are looking forward to pulling off? Share them in the comments section below.