What Not to Wear When Going Camping


Camping is one of the more fun ways to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is to reconnect with the environment with some of your most outdoorsy friends. The beauty of camping is that you will be able to experience the natural surroundings around you that a 5-star hotel could not. However, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration to avoid being exposed to danger, like your clothes.

The clothes you wear play a huge part in your camping trip. Since the outdoors is unpredictable, you do not want to be opened to any risks during your camping trip there. Therefore, we have rounded up some of the things you absolutely should not wear to go camping.

1.    Flip flops


There is a difference between wearing sandals and flip flops to camp. Sandals are acceptable as it is securely attached to your feet while being breathable, assuming you are not going to do some climbing or hiking around the area. Flip flops on the other hand, is useless in this situation. You are only on a couple of inches of rubber, it breaks easily, is freely exposed to bugs and any other dangerous things that is lurking around the site.


2.    Denim jeans


Denim and camping do not go well together. This is because it will restrict your movements especially of you are wearing a pair of skinnies. Even if you argue you have a stretchy pair on, it is still not as practical as you would want when camping. Plus, wet jeans are just the worst and will take days to dry. So, opt for more comfortable bottoms so you can move around easily.


3.    Any form of fragrance


Do not – and we repeat – do not put on any strong fragrance to your body as it will bring you danger. Seriously, we are not kidding with this. Wild animals are attracted to any strong smell that might seem weird to them so they would start following it to find out you were wearing it all along. One of the most curious animals that are always attracted to strong scent are bears.


4.    Designer clothes


This one is a pretty obvious point. Why would you wear designer clothes to a place that is muddy, humid, and dirty anyway? Unless you are a multi-millionaire who could buy these expensive items any day without having to worry about money, then by all means, wear your custom Air Jordans and Supreme t-shirt to camp.


5.    Wearing nothing at all


Yes, it happens. Sure, you think you are one with the great nature and just “playing the part”, but you are still camping in a public park where people might pass by. Even if you are camping alone in the middle of the jungle and outside of civilisation, you are exposed to bugs and shrubs that can be dangerous to your body and could cause irritation.


What do you think is the most suitable clothes to wear when going camping? Share with us at the comments section below.