What Should I Pack in My Carry On For A Long Flight?


Travelling can be fun but it is also important to have all the things you need to be comfortable during the flight especially if the duration of the flight takes hours to arrive to your destination. What are the things you need in your carry-on bag to feel prepared on a long-haul flight? Don’t want to pack the wrong things? Read down below.

1.     Wipes


For long haul flights, you will be served meals and offered drinks. If you are not travelling first class, let’s admit that your seat is a bit cramped and limits your movement. Sometimes you are just too lazy to squeeze out and into your seat to wash your hands, so this is where wipes come in handy. But make sure you still properly wash your hands at the airport bathroom as soon as you land. Not only that, you might never know when you need to wipe something off especially if you have a kid with you.


2.     Hand Sanitizer


As mentioned above that wipes are a must-have in your carryon bag and pairing it well is hand sanitizer. With many people coughing, sneezing and breathing in a contained air-conditioned space for an extended time, planes have germs everywhere.


3.     Pen


Always have a pen with you in flights as you are required to fill in the landing card the stewards or stewardess passes to you before you arrive. You do not want to ask strangers who are also in a rush or waiting around the passport control as you fill in the details.


4.     Scarf or Shawl


Planes can get very cold as they have strong air conditioning on so having a scarf or shawl with you can act as a light blanket to wrap around your body to provide you a bit of warmth. It is thin enough to be stuffed into your carry-on bag.


5.     Spare Clothing


A spare clothing is needed in your carry on especially if you are going to a different climate country. This will allow you to change into something more appropriate when you land. It can also be for emergencies such as spilling coffee on your top during the flight.


6.     Portable Power Bank


Do you hate it when your cell phone battery is running out at the most inconvenient times? Your cell phone is important to you when you travel as you need to be able to use it to call for cabs or contact your hotel. So, make sure to always carry a portable power bank in your carry on so your phone will always be charged when you need it.


So what other in-flight essentials do you personally pack into your carry-on bag? Let us know down below.