What to Expect During the ZALORA Big Fashion Sale

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SALE! SALE! SALE! Every shopper’s favourite 4-letter word, and you are going to see that a lot come our very own ZALORA Big Fashion Sale that is happening this 24th – 30th June. For the first time ever, we are throwing the biggest online fashion sale which has items on discounts that are up to 80%. Yes, you read that right. That is 80% off the original price of that particular piece you have been eyeing for so long.

Do not panic yet though, we have got you covered. But you are going to need a notepad to write down all the things to expect during the ZALORA Big Fashion Sale. Got your pens and papers ready? Well, read on through.

1.    Sales galore!

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We are not kidding when we say that this is our biggest fashion sale yet as we have prices being slashed and marked down for your shopping fulfilment. We got all kinds of tops and bottoms from different brands at a price so low, you will be checking your eyes to see if what you are seeing is true.


2.    Stock up on dresses

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You can never have too much dresses, am I right, ladies? Lucky for you, we have tons of dresses included in the ZALORA Big Fashion Sale for you to buy. Need a summer dress for a casual stroll around the city? A formal one for a gala event? An evening piece for your Tinder date? We have it all here. You just need to scroll through the thousands of options we have on our website.

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3.    Bags and more bags

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So, you got the essential black bag as your go-to, but it is time to branch out to more vibrant colours. Get bags in red, yellow, navy, and many other colours that you would not usually use. Mix and match them with your OOTD to compliment the look that you are going for.

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4.    Shade your eyes

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We know that eyewear can be expensive sometimes, so now is your only chance to cop a pair at a price that you will never see associated together ever again after the 30th. Also, during this hot constant summer weather here in Malaysia, it is important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, so a pair of sunglasses is the thing you need. Get one from ZALORA. It is that easy.

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5.    Affordable premium brands

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Ever wished you could own a designer brand but do not enough money for it? Well, now is your chance to finally get one since our sale also covers premium brands for a lot of categories. You are going to have that swagger clout you always wanted with these designer items, only you got them at an affordable price.



It is time to clear out your wardrobe, leave some room for more clothes, and start scrolling through the ZALORA Big Fashion Sale when it is up online this 24th June. You better act quick though so you would not lose your desired item to the rest of Malaysia. So it is best to stay tuned for more updates here regarding ZALORA Big Fashion Sale.