Why Having More Male Friends is Better


Have you ever wondered why some women have more guy friends than others? This might be a controversial statement but honestly, guys make better friends than girls. Sure, with girls, you share an intimate bond that is difficult to break but when it comes to a long-term friendship, men kind of do it better.

Men live by a bro code that they take very seriously so no matter what happens, they always got your back even if it means giving up their day. Your girlfriends on the other hand say they would do anything for you, but they usually don’t literally mean it.

That is just one example why men are better friends. Here are some other factors that make men a great friend compared to women.

1.    They will defend each other

When you make a guy your bestfriend, you are always going to have the most loyal person by your side. Have you noticed how they will defend a bro when somebody tries to mess with them? Imagine that energy surrounding you, so you do not have to be worried about getting catcalled in the club or wherever you go with your friends. They provide the muscle for you.


2.    They say it straight up


When you see your girlfriends, all kinds of compliments will flow in stating how nice your hair looks or how pretty your dress is or how flashy your high heels are; but do they really mean it? Some compliments can appear fake which only leads to distrust, but you know who do not compliment just for the sake of complimenting? Boys. They straight up point out what they like and do not like about whatever it is you are doing. It might seem harsh at first, but you know their remarks are honest and true.


3.    They don’t compete


The toxic thing about some girl-girl friendship is that they always get jealous about something you do even if it is the pettiest of things. It is as if your life and theirs is a competition to see who appears hotter or more successful than the other. You will not experience that with guys. In fact, some guys would even encourage you to be your better self as they see you as a little sister or better yet, as one of the bros.


4.    They are a problem solver


Every now and then, you need to vent out a little regarding the problems of your life. Girlfriends will let you talk your mouth off while your eyes well up and give you the emotional support you need. However, guys will find a way to solve your problem at hand. Got a leaky pipe, flat tire, or even a broken heart? Men will try to find a solution to it. It is in their nature to do so. So, skip all the drama and go straight to the problem. They just want to get things fixed.



So, if you see a girl with lots of guy friends, do not be quick to assume that she is a playgirl. Sometimes, it is just better to have more male friends in your social circle as you will appreciate the minimal drama in your life.

Do you have more male friends? What is the best thing about it in your experience? Comment down in the box below.