4 Classic Makeup Mistake That Women Make


Nowadays there are a lot of makeup trends that look trendy. People are likely to try something trending nowadays, but classic makeup is still such a popular makeup since centuries ago. Talking about classic makeup looks, these looks are nods to classic Hollywood beauty but with an update for current application.

Four focus areas that we need to be careful when wearing makeup are eyeliners, brows, lips, and lashes.

Below are the four classic makeup mistakes that women make.

1. Brows


When you are applying dark tones and highlight your eyebrows too much, it will make you look older than your current age.


You should apply your brows with a tone lighter than your natural eyebrows. Too make it look natural, apply concealer above and below your eyebrows.

2. Eyeshadow


There are many colours of eyeshadow that you can choose and apply to your lashes. But it is wrong when you choose to apply bright tones of eyeshadow, or put bright eyeshadow glitter onto your lashes.


The right way to choose your palette - whether you choose tones of eyeshadow containing browns, mossy green, or peach tones - can be used to create a soft smoky eye look. While silver and black palette can be used to create an intense smoky eye look.

3. Eyeliner


When applying thick black lids on your upper lid and dark eyeliner on your lower lid, it can make your eye look narrow.


You should apply your eyeliner with a simple black winged cat eye on the lash line on the top lid. Use with light makeup pencil to draw a line on your lower lid is the go to look.

After applying the eyeshadow palette to lashes (using black liquid eyeliner or pencil), draw a line across the eyelid close to the base of the lashes, then apply mascara to get the perfect eye for classic look.

4. Lips


Deep red colour can make your lips look thinner before you apply makeup. Plus, if you add red lip liner that doesn’t match with your lipstick, it will make you look like you are wearing two colours of lipstick once.


Choose only one colour for example true red colour, or you can try modern lipstick that is infused with metallic shimmer. To make it easier, just choose long lasting true red matte formula that won’t fade your lipstick.