5 Summer Beach Bag Essentials You Need


Summer is here and we bet that you notice that the people around you are going on a vacation right about now. Although we could safe to say that Malaysia has Summer all year round, it cannot be denied that this is the period where most of us would enjoy a good time at the beach. Whether you are headed to Perhentian Islands or Penang beach, it is crucial to have the right necessities with you while at the beach. Here are five summer beach bag essentials that will keep you looking stylish, comfortable and protected.

1.     Sunglasses


This is a must- have in your beach bag to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight. If you are planning on walking out in the sun or laying in the beach chair all day enjoying the ocean breeze, sunglasses will be handy to you. Not only that, sunglasses help uplift our face and style effortlessly.

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2.     Beach Towel


Even if you do not plan to have a swim, beach towels can be used to layer on the beach chair or if you prefer on the sand. You can watch everyone you while you relax and sipping your coconut water.


3.     Sunscreen


When you are spending your day out in the sun especially the beach, sunscreen is important. You need to keep your skin protected from the UV rays emitted from the sun. Some people often overlook this and not applying sunscreen not only gives you sunburn but can damage your skin in the long run too. Pack a bottle of sunscreen in your beach bag so you can always apply it on whenever you need to.

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4.     SPF Lip Balm


Being in the sun all day with the beach environment will tend to make you feel dehydrated. So keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and for extra protection, apply lip balm with SPF on your lips to keep it supple the entire day.

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5.     Beach Reads


This is the perfect time for you to catch up on your Summer Reads so bring along a good book. This will help you escape into another world and forget all the hecticness you left back home. Trust me, this will keep you feel relaxed and peaceful the entire vacation.


What other beach bag essentials you pack on your holiday? Do share them with us in the comment section below.