5 Ways to Pull Off The Gothic Look


Gothic fashion is originally a borrowed style from post-punk fashion. It began in England during the early 1980s and normally marked as mysterious and dark look with a pale complexion and abnormal style of fashion. This fashion trend is back now as more celebrities and fashion people on the red carpet indulge themselves into their darker side with Gothic look everywhere.

If you want to be a Gothic, do a bit of research on the style so you will know how to use the goth art to express yourself in fashion. For some Gothic fashion tips, you can read down below.

1. Dramatic makeup


One of the best ways to pull out the style for your certain outfits is through makeup. The key to achieving Gothic look through your makeup is to go dramatic. You must love the look of rich eyeliner, a thick curve on your eyelids, and the brooding cat’s eye. If you are more particular to eye shadow details, take it as the opportunity to play with a little bit of dramatic color to create some unexpected to a typical look. You can also pick a dark or pale color for your lipstick to contrast well with your skin color.

2. Black pieces


A typical Gothic style always comes with black pieces to add on the mysterious style to the look. It is the main colour where people usually rock their Gothic style in. Whether black dress, leather jacket, studded belt, crop tee,pants, skirts or even shoes, these black pieces are widely used to achieve that complete stylish goth look.


3. Play with different colors


If you are too bored and sick of having a look that is fully black, then you are free to match your black pieces with any deep tone or shades to your certain outfit. For example, if you are already wearing black clothes, a neon-colored hair or strong-colored nail polish would be great to pull off. Using additional fashion accessories could also do the trick as well.

4. Graphic or patterned prints


Keep an eye out for any clothes with mystical seamless patterns or graphics like pentagrams, geometrical grids, moon or star-shaped, strong-red roses, skulls graphic, or crossed line. These patterns or graphics usually bring Gothic expressions even if the t-shirt are not black.

5. Gothic accessories


Most of the Gothic looks are done best with futuristic Gothic accessories. Make sure to choose accessories that have metallic and leather inserts to embellish your black clothes. Most often, people will prefer white metal accessories such as white gold, silver, or any kind of low-cost metal alloy as their jewelry. You can also play around with your hair accessories such as hats, hair clips, headbands, bandannas, beanies, etc.

Do you have any other fashion tips for that Gothic look? Share your ideas down below.