A Guide to Getting Bangs


As we see women donning lots of hairstyles, there is one that is somehow feared upon and that hairstyle is called bangs or also known as fringes. We rarely see women proudly rock bangs, even on trendsetting celebrities which is a wonder to us as the style actually looks cool if done properly.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with getting bangs. It is just the amount of hair that is needed to be chopped off that scares some women. But do not worry, we have a whole guide for you that you should go through before deciding on getting a fringe for yourself. Here are some tips for you to get ready to make a needed change on your head.

1.    Adjust to your lifestyle


Before you ask your hairdresser to give you bangs or fringes, you need to know if that specific cut suits your lifestyle or not. Are you a working class woman who is always on the go? Or are you someone who loves to play a little bit of serious sports? These questions should all be put into consideration because knowing that bangs would drop on your forehead, it would not be a good idea to have this it as it will cause breakouts. And if you are someone who does a lot of sports, this might not be a good choice for you.


2.    Consider your face shape


Many assume that blunt bangs are the only option when in reality, it is not. It might look cute but depending on certain face shapes, it can be a little bit distracting if your face does not match the cut. Besides, you want it to compliment your face, not draw away from it. So, if you have a heart-shaped or long and narrow face, a blunt bang looks good on you. if you have a round face, try the side sweep instead.


3.    Use dry shampoo

When you have bangs, you want it to be volumized to make it look fluffy in front of your forehead and the only way to give it that texture is to shampoo every day. However, that is not recommended even for bangs-less women. So, your solution would be a bottle of dry shampoo. A dry shampoo will absorb excess oil and revive your hair’s volume thus stopping it from separating and lying flat on your forehead.


4.    Always trim

Maintenance is a must. That is the sacrifice that you have to make when owning a fringe. You should trim it at least two to three weeks to maintain the length and size of it. You do not want to look like the fifth member of The Beatles now, do you?



Have you ever had bangs? How do you take care of it? Share with us at the comments section below.