[Beauty 101] How to Take Care of Your Skin After An Intense Workout


Here at THREAD for ZALORA, we encourage our readers to hit the gym and work on that summer bod even if Malaysia does not have the four seasons. While working out is a great stimulant both mentally and physically, the same cannot be said for your skin. That is if you do not take care of it properly though.

At the gym, you are going to sweat a lot and also be exposed to other people sweating a lot. It is gross, damp, and unsanitary, and all of that do not help with your skin condition. Do not worry though, we got some tips on how to maintain a healthy skin after one of your kick-ass workouts.

1.    DO NOT touch your face

We already mentioned that the gym is probably filled with germs, didn’t we? Then, why on Earth would you want to touch your face with your dirty hands after holding and sharing equipment there? So, for your skin’s sake, DO NOT touch your face with your bare hands. Use a clean towel or baby wipes instead to wipe off the sweat or tuck in the little strands of hair that manage to escape your scrunchie.


2.    Wash yourself post workout


It is kind of a no-brainer to wash yourself up after a hard day of intense workout. This is to cleanse your face and body from whatever dirty germs that might stick to you after a session. When cleaning up, you would think the best way to get all the sweat and dirt off is to vigorously scrub your body and face until you slightly turn red, but on the contrary, you have to be gentle. Too much exfoliation can dehydrate your skin which is not a good thing.


3.    Remember to moisturise


If your skin feels dehydrated, apply moisturiser to replenish the water your skin loss during your workout. In fact, just moisturise it regardless if you feel dehydrated or not. This is for the benefit of your own skin and also to keep you looking fresh and healthy.


4.     Use multiple towels


Towels are a must when working out at the gym. However, some make the mistake of using the same towel that they use to wipe off their sweat with ones to wipe the gym equipment provided. That is just mixing the bacteria from the equipment to your body which could affect the condition of your skin. Therefore, use different towels separately to keep your body off unnecessary debris from the gym.



Working out is important but taking care of your skin is equally important too. You need to keep an eye on both aspects to fully lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

How do you take care of your skin after a heavy workout? Share with us at the comments section below.