Clothes That You Can Wear Under Your Suit That is Not a White Shirt


Consider this situation: It’s your best friend from college wedding, and you have received the invitation which indicates “suits only” or something similar. And then you found yourself thinking about that dark suit in your closet that just feels too…dull. You will never wear that suit again, you remembered pledging from the last 3 years when it was your graduation.


So what do you do? If the situation calls for a suit but you want to be more playful and fun, ditch that white shirt idea underneath.

Start your Pinterest (which is common to us girls, but guys, you might as well have an account for that research coming on wedding rings, house décor, etc) and look for these stylish yet equally presentable clothes to wear with that suit:

1. Black shirt

Black shirt, black suit. And you’re set for the partay! All-black ensemble can look sharp and slick, especially if you have a well-tailored black suit to go with. Nothing can really go wrong with an all-black outfit and you can add very little accessories to define, such as trendy sunglasses. Whatever it is, don’t over-accessorize – nothing will ruin a perfectly good ensemble more than loud, unnecessary details.

2. A simple pastel-colored round neck T-shirt


For smart casual, ditch the black and go for more feminine colors such as baby pink, soft purple or baby blue. These colors would stand out more in a dark suit, so keep only the suit to be dark coloured. Then, play around with a handkerchief, tying it in a loose knot around the neck before tucking the loose ends into the shirt or letting them fly about. Stylish, check. John Mayer, check.

3. Turtleneck


If worn right, turtleneck can look very dashing on anyone. And especially well with suits too! Just get the appropriate materials for the season because they can turn from stylish to tacky in a few seconds (of sweat). Get the right fit, right material and right color according to your skin tone – voila!

4. Vests


Going from smart casual to very smart? Vests! Pair the vest with a shirt underneath and you might be mistaken for the second James Bond. Although wearing vest means you’re going for that super serious mode, so try to take it down a notch with accessories such as cuff-links or lapel pin.

5. Striped shirts/patterned shirts

Pale-colored traditional shirt can sometimes appear a little underwhelming. Making a statement? Striped or patterned shirts will shout right across the room for you. You don’t have to worry about looking dull in that black suit anymore as the patterns will stand out from the crowd..and you, in extension.

6. T-shirt with images


Want to look more rock and roll? Wear a t-shirt with a statement underneath the suit to look like an instant rock star. And fellas, chicks dig this look too – it keeps you loo dashing with a twist!

Now that you have successfully rock the dark suit with these, show off at any event with matching pair of shoes or sneakers. Sometimes the small things do matter. Share with us your favorite combo in the comment section!