Get Sporty with the Nike Icon Clash Collection


As important as working out is, it can be quite boring after a while with the constant heavy regiment you do daily. Not only are the exercises repetitive, you probably are wearing a dull outfit which you dare call your workout gear. Well, now is the perfect time to get rid of that nonsense you call gym clothes and take a look at the new Nike Icon Clash Collection in stores now.


One thing that is clearly obvious from the collection is how vibrant the colours of the clothes are. Neon is the chosen hue of this collection as you see a lot of bright pink, yellow, and green, enough to grab anyone’s attention at the gym or on one of your night run. The colour is not too blindingly neon though, it is just the right amount of neon which compliments well with muted or neutral colours that you would wear with it.


This collection is not exclusively for the gym per se. Since it is inspired by surf culture, you can kind of see surf silhouettes on the clothes. This combines the sport and its culture together, bringing an exceptionally must-have collection that you would want to add to your wardrobe ASAP. Even if you are not a surfer, you can go casual with it since sportswear is considered the new streetwear nowadays.


The Nike Icon Clash Collection has got you covered with fashionable items from top to bottom. From tops such as t-shirts and hoodies, to bottoms like tights either long or short, you can find it all in this one of a kind Nike collection. It even has footwear if you would like to add some to your shoe collection. Same as the other items, shoes provided are brightly coloured to make sure people know you have some brand new kicks.


If you have not checked out the Nike Icon Clash Collection already, do yourself a favour and get on it before it runs out. With an outstanding collection as this, you know people will be racing to get one for themselves too. So, shop now at ZALORA where we do not only provide the Nike Icon Clash Collection, but other cool ones as well.