How to Get the Most Out of Minimal Designs

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Nowadays, prints are the hot new thing especially in streetwear right now. Everything from the lettering designs that OFF-WHITE is famous for to Moschino’s more cartoony graphics, crazy prints are the in thing among hypebeasts and hypbaes alike.

As much as that trend is popular these days, sometimes, you just want to chill in clothes with minimal designs. Nothing too crazy or wacky; just something that is simple and soothing to the eyes without complicating our sight.

But how do we maximise clothes with minimal designs? There are many ways, you just need to know the right combination or style of your own. If you are still clueless on how to get the most out of your minimalist style, here are some suggestions that might help you with your look.


1.    Colour-block your outfit

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Since the clothes you are wearing are probably plain and in one colour, why don’t you colour-block it with different colours to really pop out from the crowd. We suggest you wear one piece that is of muted or neutral colour and the other, get the brightest colour you have. That way both of the fashion items would compliment each other’s colour in a flattering way making you look more stylish.


2.    Only one colour throughout

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If colour-blocking is not your thing, try wearing only one colour from top to bottom. We know it sounds boring to only have one colour on your body but trust us, with the right style, you will look good no matter what. Remember, less is more when it comes to this method.


3.    Use different shade

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Another way to style up your look with minimal printed clothes is to wear different shades of the same hues. This style move adds a subtle variety to your overall look which does not come across as boring or plain as one might think. Just like wearing one colours, you can do it from top to bottom, even all the way to your shoes and you would still look like a person with good fashion taste.


4.    Add a jacket

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If all things fail, wear a cool jacket on top of your clothes. That is the easiest way to add a little flair to your already stylish look. However, stay away from jackets with patches, holes, studs, or any distressed style if you want to maintain being minimal with your get-up.



Who says going minimal with your outfit is boring? With these styles, you are going to look as attractive and fun as others who wear blindingly over the top patterned clothes.

How would you style yourself with minimal designs? Share with us how you would do it at the comments section below.