How to Maintain Healthy Hair Even With A Hijab On


It’s easy to overlook the care of your hair when wearing a hijab. But taking care of your hair is a must especially if you wear a hijab for longer periods of time. After all, a healthy set of hair can give confidence to a woman and boost her self-esteem even if she’s covered up. If you’re one of these ladies, check out these tips we have for you on how you can achieve that.

1. Not Too Tight

tight bun.jpeg

The most common thing that a hijabista does is putting her hair up in a tight bun before donning the hijab. But know that this practice only weakens the strands of your hair when you wear it too tight and could lead to hair loss. Instead, wear it a tad loose and feel the difference when you do that.

2. Let it breathe

hair loose.jpeg

After a day out with your hijab on, make sure to untie the bun or ponytail you’ve made to secure your hair as soon as you get home. Just let it hang loose so it can return to a much more natural state. Allowing your hair to breathe will give it space to grow healthily.

3. Part it Differently and Keep It Dry

part it differently.jpeg

According to experts, doing this will enable women to avoid hair loss and thinning of the hair. So try parting your hair differently before wearing your hijab to give it better volume and structure. Another tip is not to tie hair when it is wet. It can become flat and limp if you do this especially if you’re in a hijab all day. Blow dry or air-dry your hair before putting on your shawl to avoid wearing it when it is damp.

4. Select the right fabric


With the increase of hijabistas around the world and people who design and sell shawls we ladies are certainly spoilt for choice. Yet be careful to select the right one for you making sure that the fabric is skin-friendly and allows your hair to breathe. Remember that the inner layer you wear before covering it with the shawl is as important for your hair as is the outer layer, so choose wisely.

5. A Little Trim and A Little Sun

hair in the sun.jpeg

When hair is tied up most of the time, damage to the ends of the hair is inevitable. So give it a little trim every now and then to promote better growth and to get rid of split ends. Other than that, why not give it a little Vitamin D too to nourish it better. Time under the sun may just do the trick to keep your hair looking great. Do this privately if you can find the space and time.

6. Pamper Your Hair

hair care.jpeg

This advice applies to every person who loves their hair but those who wear a hijab must be extra careful to shower theirs with the love and care it needs. Apply conditioner, hair oil or even massage your scalp after a long day at work. Because it’s mostly hidden during the day, there’s more reason for us to be extra kind to our hair. Using the right products is important too so give your hair the attentions it deserves if you want it to look good.

At the end of the day all we need is a little time and effort to ensure that our crowning glory can always maintain its healthy look and keep us feeling comfortable all day despite having it covered up. Do you have any other special tips on how to keep hair under a hijab healthy?