Important Habits of a Well-groomed Man


You ever looked at a male celebrity and wonder how did they get a face so flawless? Number one, they are rich enough to have all kinds of treatment applied to their face and two, they know how to groom themselves properly. While the former is a bit of a stretch for us commoners, the second point is pretty doable.

Grooming is an important men’s chore that can make or break a person. Even if God have granted you looks, if you do not groom yourself neatly, you are still going to look like a slob. That is why it is crucial to do this routine properly and it would be easier if you make a habit out if it such as the list below.

1.    Always shave your face


An easy way to look instantly clean is to manage your facial hair. If you are growing a moustache or a beard, remember to keep things tidy by shaving off the extra stubble that you do not need. You want to look more like Tony Stark than Hagrid. Or if you do not mind, shave everything off and maintain that pretty boy look. Just remember to swap razors every 5 – 6 uses.


2.    Exfoliate your skin

One of the most overlooked routine when cleansing your face is to exfoliate it. Exfoliating actually helps a lot as it removes dead skin cell in order for newer fresher ones to grow. However, you should not do it everyday because it will scrub your skin off. Doing it once a week is just fine while you moisturise it every other day.


3.    Block the sun


We are confident the only time most of you use sunscreen is when on the beach or going to your weekly swimming lessons, but it actually functions more than that. Little did we know, we are being exposed to harmful UV rays every day. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply sunscreen with at least SPF15 on your body when heading out. It is also a good anti-aging product in its own way.


4.    Get a signature scent


Here is a grooming hack that all men must know – always smell good. And to do that, you need your own signature scent that defines who you are as a person. Experiment on some fragrances before landing on the perfect fit for you and wear that like it is part of your body. Trust us, with the right scent, you are going to have people doing a double take on you while figuring out the cologne you are wearing.


5.    Check yourself


After you are done with your grooming routine, you are required to check, double check, and check yourself again to see if you are missing any spots. Make the mirror your bestfriend. Spot any grooming mistakes you might make before heading out. Until you are satisfied with how you look and feel, you are ready to show it all off to the world.



What are your grooming habits? Do you do anything special before you go out of the house? Tell us your secret on the comments section below.