In What Order Should You Do Your Makeup


Talking about makeup order is a tricky topic to be talked about because everyone has different order of putting up makeup and different skin types have a different way of applying makeup. Not all types of makeup suit every skin. Whoever has an oily skin should use more powdery makeup base while the ones with dry skin should use liquid textured makeup. There is a saying, when it comes to layering your makeup, you need to consider the texture first. So. here are some tips in what order you should do your makeup.



Whatever you do, or whatever you wear, don’t skip your skincare routine. This is very important in order to keep your skin healthy and not look dull, especially when you’re wearing makeup almost every day. Not only that, by having a good skin care routine, your makeup will definitely look 10 times better and appear more natural on your face.



Primer is part of skincare and makeup. It does not only make your makeup stays in place, but it also protects your skin from chemicals and unwanted ingredients in makeup products. The primer also makes foundation glide on the skin more smoothly and helps to control skin issues like redness or pore size.



Some people like to wear medium or light coverage foundation however some wear layers of it to cover their flaws. But here’s a tip, if you have blemishes and wear makeup every day, use concealer as your base. and blend it well into your skin. Concealer not only has light texture, but also covers up most skin imperfections! Add on some blusher to give a lively look on your cheek then proceed to contour or bronze your face to give it a defined look.



Eyes, eyes, eyes! Add a bit of warm coral shade to your everyday look to give a wide yet brighter definition to your eyes. By wearing some mascara, it creates a dramatic effect!



Lips are, the easiest makeup trick that will transform your face effortlessly. Just put on any lipstick shade on and your face will look alive even when you hardly have any on no makeup on.



The very last step in a makeup routine is to set it in. It is not only to keep your skin hydrated, but keeps your makeup stay on longer throughout the day while absorbing into your skin giving it a smooth texture!

So, what is your makeup routine? Share in the comment section below and let us know any makeup tricks up your sleeves.