Nothing is Basic About ZALIA BASICS


Colours bring life to a certain object. It brightens or darkens the mood of the room depending on the shade of the colour hence it plays an important role in a person’s environment. And that applies on your clothes too where colours help enhance your mood and spirits. However, some colours are a bit too bright or too dark to blend in with the crowd. That is why ZALIA BASICS has come out with the perfect collection to solve this problem.


ZALIA BASICS is a sub-brand from the parent company ZALORA providing minimal yet stylish clothes to ordinary women in a mission to make them feel extraordinary. The minimal concept applies to this brand is apparent from its designs. There is nothing too overly complicated when it comes to a simple ZALIA BASICS outfit which is a good thing as it is accessible and can suit everyone in their own style.


To make the new ZALIA BASICS more appealing, the colours used on these clothing items are of earthy and natural tones. Colours like ochre, teal, umber, and others that are of its category fill the collection with no patterns or prints at all, emphasising on the beautiful colours that are on these simple ZALIA BASICS products.


From a belt fitted dress to palazzo pants, blouses to V-neck abayas; ZALIA BASICS got it all for you to try on. For women who want a simple line of clothes without any crazy prints plastered on, this collection is just for you. Due to its minimal colours and designs, you are able to mix and match with any other clothing pieces you own to come out with your own unique look.


ZALIA BASICS can be found at ZALORA where we have many other products from the brand for you to choose from. For starters though, get a basic plain outfit from ZALIA BASICS then work your way through other looks.