Signs That You Are Officially Over Him for Good


Going through a breakup is hard enough where you feel deeply hurt, wearing sweatpants, not wanting to get out of bed and feel like your life is hopeless. Most of us have gone through at least one breakup in our lifetime and each of us have different ways on how we handle heartbreaks. However, when do you actually know that you are officially over it for good? Here we list some of the signs that might help you realize that you have slowly moved on with your life.

1.     You are not crying constantly


When you go through a breakup, it cannot be denied that you will probably find yourself crying (a lot) as your sort of all your feelings unless you were the one that did the dumping and already over him. Otherwise, heart break of a breakup will be real to you and you will start to get over him slowly when you are not constantly crying as you used to be. Baby steps to crying less gives you the glimmer of healing.


2.     You stopped stalking him on social media


It is normal that after a breakup you want to know what he is up to or who is he seeing. This is because you still have feelings for him and cannot resist the temptation to stalk him especially on social media. But as you begin to move on, you will less likely keep stalking his Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter. You start to not care about his life anymore as you heal.


3.     You start learning lessons from the breakup


There is always lessons that we learn in everything we go through in life including breakups. Although you might feel like you cannot live without him during the early stages of breakup and that it is painful, you will eventually understand that you are better off without him. You will start seeing what you can search for in a future relationship by comparing it with the relationship you had with your ex. Taking the good and leaving the bad behind.


4.     You realize all men are not bad


No one can deny that you might have the mindset that men are all bad and start swearing off dating but as soon as you have gone through the healing process, you will realize all men are not bad. You start to feel open again and ready for the possibility of finding someone that loves you.


What other signs that have helped you realize that you moved on? Feel free to drop a comment down below.