What Living Alone Will Teach You


The thought of living alone may be terrifying to some. But for many people who have actually done it, the experience turns out to be not only enjoyable but enriching too. Living with friends, family, or even a really awesome roommate is great and all, but nothing beats living alone. You learn more about yourself and what you are capable of doing on your own. Here are the things living alone will teach you.

1. Learn how much you hate sharing


Until you live alone, you will know there’s nothing like coming home after a long tiring day and being able to relaxed and chill in your own space. You have your own personal space and you can be selfish as you want and need. Everything is where you left it from earlier, and you don’t have to worry about coming home to a mess you didn’t make.

2. Choose your own personal style


Finally, it’s time for you to show your creative and aesthetic side. You can choose and decorate your space based on your personal taste. You also don’t have to compromise with your friends or significant other. You don’t need to worry if your mat does not match with your couch.

3. Know your own sleep schedules


You can learn your natural sleep schedule when living alone. You also have more control over your sleeping environment. By knowing your sleeping schedule, it will help you become more productive the next day. Having no one tossing or snoring beside you will make sure you get your beauty sleep.

4. Learn to depend on yourself much more


Living alone teach you how to do everything by yourself. You are solely responsible for every move you make. From paying bills, buying grocery and keeping your space neat is on you. This allows you to test your limits on how bigger the decision can you handle by yourself. This also helps you to become more confident, as it instills in your personal pride and confidence in yourself.

5. How much trash you accumulate


When live alone, you will know how much you’re contributing to the weekly trash bag. You also will know how long you keep your leftovers or you thrown away immediately. If you feel like the bag’s a bit too heavy for one person, you might consider to reduce your trash.

6. Entertaining yourself is simple

You are capable of entertaining yourself. You can do what you want and enjoy it every moment. If you got no plans, you can chill out and surprisingly, loneliness won’t kill you. As simple as that, you feel that spending the night by yourself is how you entertain yourself.

That’s it! There are much more things that living alone can teach you. Share in the comment below what living alone teaches you.