Why Too Much Sleep is Also a Bad Thing


Sleeping is probably one of the most satisfying things to do especially after working our butts off for the day. The more we sleep, the better we feel as one might say after a long period of staying up on endless nights. But while getting a good night’s sleep is essential to one’s daily life, having too much of it is not ideal for your health either.

Scientifically, a normal sleep ranges between 7 to 9 hours, but it depends on the individual factoring in age, activity level, health, and so on. Even so, oversleeping is still equally not as healthy as having less sleep for anyone and there are researches that prove it. True, we are not scientists per se, but we did gather a few information about the disadvantages of oversleeping.

1.    Cause of oversleeping


A medical term that is related to oversleeping is called hypersomnia where people with that condition tend to sleep for a long period of time and also experience frequent daytime sleepiness, all with no real reason whatsoever. Contrary to popular belief, hypersomnia cannot be resolved by napping. People with this condition will just feel sleepy anywhere and anytime despite already having some rest during the day.


2.    Effects of oversleeping


You might think oversleeping would not bring you any harm but actually, it does a lot of damage to your body than you could imagine. There is a whole list of negative side effects to be concerned about and that includes risk of heart diseases, being overweight, back pain, and even type 2 diabetes.


3.    Oversleeping also affects mentally

And those are just the physical effects from oversleeping. It can also influence your mental state causing depression and massive headaches. Ever felt drowsy after what you think is good hours of sleep? That means you are probably sleeping way too much than you should.


4.    How to prevent?


One easy way to counter oversleeping is to keep your body fit and healthy. You can start a little exercise routine to keep your body active. Also, mind what you eat as an unhealthy diet can cause oversleeping especially with the consumption of alcohol. Getting out of the house frequently also helps since staying in at home with nothing to do often leads to sleep, which is a case you want to avoid.



As they say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. So, do not feel relieved and stay in your pyjamas if you get to sleep extra hours in a day. That only means something is wrong with your biological clock.

Now that you know not to oversleep, how would you prevent it from happening? Share with us at the comments section below.