Women Crush July Issue - Up Close & Personal with Ayra Messi


Have you been waiting for our pick for July’s Women Crush Issue? This month we are bringing you a young lady who is a go getter, vibrant as well as charming, Nur Shakira Shah or popularly known across Instagram as Ayra Messi. The beautiful 22-year-old have impressed us with her exquisite hijabista fashion looks. She could put together anything looking chic, sophisticated, fun yet modest. Also working as a model part-time and creating content, this ambitious lady is planning to be an entrepreneur soon. If you want to know more about this lovely young lady, read our interview with her down below.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My real name is actually Nur Shakira not Ayra. Why Ayra Messi? Because I’m a fanatic fan of Lionel Messi. It’s been 12 years already! I’m 22 years old this year & I’m the eldest among my siblings. I’ll be pursuing my degree in Business this upcoming September (finally after postponing it after so long 🤪). I’m an animal lover!! I’ve worked at Aquaria KLCC for 4 years.


2. We discovered that you often model. Share with us how it all started.

It started when I was in high school & my poses were so awkward back then haha. i never went for casting btw! My followers on IG think I’m tall like supermodel but in fact I’m a petite. I’m only 5’3! My first photoshoot was for my cousin’s products. Some of the local clothing brand founders also are my friends so they offered me to be their model. I love doing photoshoots! I always learn a new thing! 


3. In three words, describe to us your personality.

Outgoing, charming, passionate.


4. How do you describe your sense of style?


Effortless, chic and versatile. I like to be comfortable, so I will wear anything that fits within my style aesthetic as long as it makes me look and feel good because that’s the only way I will be confident.


5. We love how you manage to flaunt modest fashion in a fashionable way. Where do you get your style inspiration from? Please share with us.


To me, covering up doesn’t have to equate looking boring or avoiding trends. I’m inspired by so many women like Maria Alia & Leena Al Ghouti. I love following their styles because they’re not afraid to take risks! If I need a burst of inspiration, they’re my go-to’s! 


6. Sneakers? Flats? High heels?

Sneakers & High heels. I can’t just choose one :P


7. If you had to choose one piece of accessory to style your outfit, what would it be?




8. You have flawless natural skin. Share with us your skin care regime and how do you prep it every day?

Ahh I used to struggle with cystic acne for years. Now I’m glad that I’m acne free! I'm very particular about what products I use now I won’t use products that contain fragrance / parfum as I’m allergic to it. I’ll always make sure to remove my makeup before I go to sleep. Hydration is the key to a beautiful skin so remember to drink plenty of water everyday!


9. You are always on point with your makeup, what are your beauty must-haves to always look gorgeous?

Moisturizer, primer, foundation, nude eyeshadow palette, blush & YSL glossy lip stain!


10. What is your go-to lipstick shade?

Nude-orange or gradient!


11. What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever been given?


Keep an eye on the expiration dates of your skincare products! I like to write down when the item expires so I don’t forget.


12. What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?


When I eat a lot (non-stop) haha I love food 🤤


13. We see that you love football. Which football team do you support and who is your football player crush?

FC Barcelona because of Lionel Messi. I’m a fanatic fan no kidding! I was crying when they came to Malaysia for a friendly match. I wish I could meet Messi in person one day!


14. What is your weirdest pet peeve?

I can’t sleep alone or I’ll leave all the lights on before going to bed


15. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Time travel! 


16. It cannot be denied most girls grew up knowing about Disney princesses. Tell us which Disney princess you resonate with the most.


Ariel 🧜🏽‍♀️


17. If you are stranded on an island and can only bring three things with you for survival, what would it be?

My phone with a powerbank, fire starter & a machete


18. We discovered that you love travelling around the world. Name us three places in the world that you would love to visit if you had the opportunity.

  •  Barcelona, Spain

  • South Africa

  • Santorini


19. If you had the chance to switch place with anyone in the world for one day to live in their shoes, who would it be?

Kylie Jenner! 


20. Every woman should know how to…


Stop comparing ourselves to other people, to celebrities, to our friends, to sisters, whoever, and just embrace you and remember that there’s only one you. Accept all your flaws, then no one then can use them against you.



Never want to miss her stylish fashion looks and get scoops into her life? Follow her Instagram @ayramessi. Who would you want to see in our next Women Crush Segment? Let us know down below.