Workout Gear That You Can Actually Wear Outside of the Gym


These days, sportswear is often seen on people at places that do not necessarily require any kinds of sport activities. It is just the way fashion is today where we see more and more fashionistas getting into sportswear or athleisure as an everyday outfit. However, some pieces do not really translate well outside of the gym. And trust us, you do not want to be that person who looks all sweaty and disgusting at places where you are not allowed to look so.

Good news for gym heads though, there is certain items that are quite suitable to be worn both inside and outside the gym, so you do not have to worry about changing to and from your outfit. Here are just some of the items that you can wear after or before a hardcore exercise. Just remember to shower after you are done.

1.    Sports bra


Thank God for the invention of sports bra! This miraculous fashion item functions for a lot of things and is a big help for in women’s fashion. Whether it is to keep your breasts from jiggling about when doing some heavy lifting or just wearing it as a normal bra underneath a top, a pair of sports bras is a useful and helpful fashion item. Since it is not as distracting as just wearing a standard bra, you can even wear a sports bra on its own and look like an athleisure pro.


2.    Track jacket


Sure, hoodies are the typical choice when opting for a jacket to wear to the gym, but when it comes to both in and out of it, a track jacket is a more suitable choice in terms of fashion and practicality. A track jacket looks sportier than a standard hoodie, but it is suitable to be worn with even the formal of clothes that you have packed for a meeting after your workout session. You can wear this on top of your sports bra we mentioned earlier for an athleisure style boost.


3.    Sweatpants


While leggings or compression pants are not ideal to wear outside of the gym, and those three-striped Adidas track pants make you look like a Slav, sweatpants are the option to go as it can be worn during your workout and still be able to look stylish when you get out to do your errands. You can even wear it as part of your hypebeast get-up since sweatpants are THE pants of choice among those fashionistas.


4.    Training shoes


Again with the hypebeast/hypebae style, sports shoes seem to be the trend among this crowd. These days, we see sports shoes that are usually worn during exercises on people at the mall which proves the point of training sneakers being the pair which you can wear outside of the gym. Do not be confused with the bulky dad shoes though, that is something you can’t wear in the gym period. We are talking about those neon mesh material shoes that you see on gym buffs.



So, there is really no excuse to not go to the gym if you are worried about having to change multiple times for the day. Just get into gym-work appropriate clothes and you will be looking like someone who knows how to keep the body fit and the mind straight in no time.

What do you usually wear on and off the gym? Share with us at the comments section below.