#ZALORACHALLENGE Perfect Sunday Brunch Looks


There is something quite special about brunch. Just the whole concept of eating after breakfast but before lunch simply blows our mind. Most importantly though, brunch is the only time when we would dress a little extra to go out for a meal. We do not dress up for lunch, we certainly do not do that for breakfast. So, brunch is the perfect time to go all out on your outfit, and your order too.

If you did not know, ZALORA held a challenge this month testing out people’s brunch style at Insta-worthy cafés and the results did not disappoint. These get-ups only prove our point that between breakfast and lunch, brunch is the perfect time to show off your clothes. Let’s take a look at some of the stylish outfits and breakdown what is suitable for you to wear on your next outing.

1.    Sunglasses indoors

Sunglasses as seen on  @abbyasmaa .

Sunglasses as seen on @abbyasmaa.

We know, we know; wearing sunglasses indoors is forbidden in the name of fashion and should never be followed by anyone who has a face. Although, wearing them to a casual brunch is actually quite voguish and an advance style move that only the fashion conscious can pull off. Think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany's”.


2.    Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit as seen on  @y4smintxs_ .

Jumpsuit as seen on @y4smintxs_.

Jumpsuit as seen on  @amandalmy .

Jumpsuit as seen on @amandalmy.

It may be an off-putting choice for a casual brunch, but a jumpsuit actually works quite well for the occasion especially for people who are having a lazy morning that day. This is because you do not need to think about matching your top and bottom as it comes in one colour. You just need a good pair of shoes and you are ready to hit your favourite café.


3.    Wide-legged pants

Wide-legged pants as seen on  @exxvti .

Wide-legged pants as seen on @exxvti.

Wide-legged pants as seen on  @syahamimishahri .

Wide-legged pants as seen on @syahamimishahri.

If jumpsuits are not your thing, try wearing wide-legged pants instead. You will have the same feeling as wearing a jumpsuit only you can mix and match it with anything on top. Since brunch is the time to chill, do not interrupt your comfortable day by restricting your legs with skinny jeans. Loosen up a little.


4.    Skirts

Skirt as seen on  @atifahsalleh .

Skirt as seen on @atifahsalleh.

Or if you really want to loosen up, skirts are always a good option for one of your brunch outing. Whether you wear maxis, midis, or short skirts, as long as you can feel the morning/afternoon breeze through your legs, you have the bottom part of your outfit locked down.

Skirt as seen on  @nakedandbarefoot .

Skirt as seen on @nakedandbarefoot.


5.    Be unpredictable

Boots as seen on  @arinna.erin .

Boots as seen on @arinna.erin.

Brunch is always a casual occasion and is almost never formal. Therefore, this is the perfect time to rebel in terms of your style. Wear something unexpected like studs, military boots, or batwing sleeves to standout from the crowd. If that is too much for you, just wear colours that people would not expect you to wear but still suits your whole look.



Looking at the #ZALORACHALLENGE participants this month, it is safe to say that a lot of you know what to wear when going out for brunch. If you have not had a clue yet, just use these beautiful ladies as your fashion inspiration.

So, how do you style up yourself during brunch? And what do you think next month’s #ZALORACHALLENGE will be? Comment your thoughts down below.