10 Graduation Gifts That are Useful at Your Future Office


After years of slogging through textbooks and final projects, you did it! You've officially graduated from your university with your mortarboard thrown high. Besides the wave of congratulations and confetti, you can expect graduation gifts to come your way too. Your parents or best friend might raise the question, "What do you want for your graduation gift?"

Since you'll be stepping into the workforce soon, you know a gift suitable for the office is the best way forward. If you're looking for suggestions, here's where to start. 

1. Suit


What better way to make a good first impression than a suit? Well-tailored to flatter your corporate confidence, a suit makes a perfect gift for anyone who is making their mark in the board room. Colour-wise, go with a basic colour like black. Otherwise, opt for a navy and grey suit to get started. 

2. Leather shoes


You can't go wrong with a pair of leather shoes. Besides helping you looking polished and sleek, it’s the perfect pair to step up your game in your next appointment. When it comes to leather shoes, opt for the dark brown, tan or black to partner well with your new suit.

3. Laptop bag


If you're planning to get one anyway, you might as well request it as a graduation gift! Moving around is easier with a laptop bag, and it keeps your hands free for other important matters, like the firm handshake you'll give after sealing a business deal.

4. Namecard holder


You need more than a pocket to keep a stack of name cards. Every professional need a namecard holder, and we always lean towards the leather, metal or aluminium case to secure the stack neatly. Get a name card holder that slides perfectly into your pocket or laptop bag, so you won't end up with anything disarray. 

5. Notebook


You should always step into a meeting with a notebook in hand. It's great to take note of important points, create side notes and mind map on your spiral notepad or leather notebook. It shows that you're attentive and eager to know more about the company or work progresses. 

6. Shirt


Shirts are the quintessential office wears, and you will definitely need plenty to survive your weekdays. Depending on the colours and print you choose, it can also expresses your personality outside the standard white shirt. Start with something light like pastel before moving on to bolder shades such as navy, maroon and forest green. 

7. Leather belt


With all those talks about suits and shirts, you know leather belts will come up eventually. Besides allowing you to fit into your tailored trousers, it doubles as an accessory. Leather belts come in a variety of colours but begin with basic colours such as dark brown, tan and black before graduating to bolder shades. 

8. Wallet


With the hard-earned salary, you've worked so hard for, every man needs a wallet to keep their cash. Depending on your necessities, opt for short bi-fold wallets to keep it minimal or long wallets to store more credit cards or gym membership cards. 

9. Engraved pen


Keep documents signed, sealed and delivered with a pen. Well, not just any pen. Get one that is engraved with your name on it. So you won't have your colleagues claiming your beautiful pen as theirs. 

10. Coffee mug


You're someone who loves starting their day with a cup of coffee, you definitely need a coffee mug on your desk. The best part is, you can have fun with it. Get a mug with a funny comic that will put a smile on your face or a motivational quote that inspires you to keep going. With it, you'll definitely get more than a caffeine boost. 

Who knew that graduation gifts could turn into a wonderful starter kit for the office? Whether you're looking for a professional suit to get down to business or a pair of leather shoes to step into the office in style, we hope this checklist will help you at your first job. 

What's your favourite graduation gift? Share your thoughts in the comments below!