3 Easy Ways to Pull Off Wearing White Jeans

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Are you having daunting thoughts of wearing white jeans? Undeniably, matching your attire with white jeans might be an anxiety-inducer to all of us and catch us in the hassle to keep it clean the entire day. Nevertheless, put aside all the bygone notions about the washing rules and instructions and do not let it cease you from rocking in these cool pants. With a little insight on what to wear with your white jeans supported by a handful of confidence, you will be able to seriously don it with anything in your wardrobe.

Here, you can try these three easy ways to pull off wearing white jeans and look unapologetically impressive. It is time for you to jump outside the comfort zone and put away the dark denim at least for a day.


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It is great to keep things simple when rocking in your bold white jeans and complete it with a minimalist and classic style. As such, things that are already in your wardrobe, like a grey button-up, a green shirt, and a navy blazer will work well to complete your appearance. It will make you look chic on a warm sunny day. If you are attending a formal occasion, try on a soft coloured shirt, beige blazer, brown tassel loafers, and brown accessories for an outfit to look sleek. Find the right pairings and you’ll be living in your new white jeans 24/7 hours a day.


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Believe it or not, white allows you to go all out in it. White jeans matched with a white shirt could be the greatest pair that you could imagine just like the trendy Kanye’s style. It portrays the pureness of your inner self and confidence. Plus, you can mix your clean white outerwear with unexpected textures and accessories to level up your look. You can also consider adding simple outerwear like a white denim jacket or parka to your all-white outfit. For men, slip-on or loafers would be the right option for a luxurious look.


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Here is where you can show off you colour blocking skills to lift your look from the monotonous white pants. You can try to match with a striking coloured top or sweatshirts with the white jeans. Top off your streetwear white jeans look with a nice pair of sneakers or lace-up boots to project an urban vibe. There are no rules, unleash your creativity in white.

 Addition to all those styles, here are some tips you can take into consideration.

  • Make sure your white jeans fit perfectly which means it is neither too skinny nor baggy. It will show imperfections if your white jeans are flapping here and there or hugging too tight.

  • It is advisable for you to bring a handkerchief as a lifesaver as white jeans are well-known for its vulnerability towards the dirt.

  • Please avoid black colored top, simply because you will look like a checkerboard with it. Charcoal grey and Burgundy should be the darkest color you can go.

After all, white jeans are probably easier to style than you would expect. Remember, when in doubt, wear white jeans!