3 Ways to Keep Your White Sneakers White

white sneaker beach.jpg

Sneakers are the ultimate wardrobe staple for every shoe lover and lately, it has been a trend of the daily street-style for most fashion bloggers. No matter if you wear a ruffle dress, midi skirt, slouchy jeans, or vintage pants, there is a pair of sneakers that enhances your overall style and still look good on your feet even though you paired it with various outfits.

People love to wear white sneakers mostly because it can be matched with most colors. Unfortunately, those white sneakers can be hard to be kept clean all the time. At a certain time, your white sneakers will show the grimy dirt and scuff marks. They would also be slowly turning yellow after several washes. But there are some ways to keep your white shoes white if you are willing to spend your time cleaning them correctly. Here are some of the tips that work.

1. Hand-wash your sneakers, do not use the washing machine


Why washing machine is a big no for cleaning white sneakers is because the motion and heat of a washing machine cycle can destroy the cement binding and cause your shoes to turn yellow.

You might be tempted to just toss your white shoes in the washing machine as it is the quicker and easiest way to do the washing but it is more worth it to invest a llonger amount of time to wash white sneakers so it’s life shelf lasts longer.


2. Use a toothpaste – the secret weapon in your bathroom sink


If there are some big grease on your white shoes and you think it is hard to just clean them with hand-washing using warm water and gentle soap, use your toothpaste and gently scrub with your toothbrush to wipe out the dirt. For better result, mix the toothpaste with some sugar to scrub the crud out of your shoe creases especially when you are scrubbing out the harder and dirtier corners.

3. Keep your shoes in a nice place


Do not let your white sneakers exposed to the sunlight when they are not being worn because enough UV exposure can lead to discoloration and the white color start start to fade. Store them in a dark cool place and keep them away from direct sunlight. Make sure to wipe out the dirt on the canvas before you store them. You can also invest your money for the shoe storage cabinet to make the shoes-keeping more effective.


With all these hacks, you can now go outside fearlessly with your white shoes anywhere. If you have any further tips, you can share them below.